Check this page for any updates or changes to the site. I will also let you know of the monthly posted archives during the year.

08 04 2022: I have added a new section to the site: Collectors’ Collection, which, as the name suggests, is a collection of audio plays that have been contributed by members. I won’t be editing the files, so please let me know of any quality problems – bear in mind the recordings are not digital. The collection includes files dating back to the 50s and I will be adding them after a cursory check. Since the BBC regularly wiped recordings to reuse the expensive tape, many of the broadcasts are lost forever. Most of the recordings that remain today are from home recordings.

02 04 2022: The Edited files for March ’22 have been uploaded.

31 03 2022: The March Unedited files are now available.

02 03 2022: The February Unedited files are now available.

24 02 2022: The Edited files for February ’22 have been uploaded.

24 02 2022: I will shortly be adding the newly edited files for February ’22. There are a couple of episodes that were screwed up by the beeb that I have, hopefully, fixed. Firstly, Curious Under the Stars: the original BBC omnibus episode of series 10 Things of Stone repeated episode 4. The version I have loaded is a complete file and includes all 5 single episodes of the series. The BAD version will give you the conclusion that is missing from the beeb omnibus. Also Craven: In series 5 of Craven, the BBC gives the programme information for series 6.

Curious Under the Stars is a BADly recommended listen for February: Magical comedy-drama about Gareth and Diane – pub landlords in Glan Don, a mysterious village perched on the wild Welsh coast. 

02 02 2022: The first batch of newly edited files are now available. Thanks to Colin K, Mark K as well as others that wish to be anon.

02 02 2022: The first batch of unedited titles for 2022 is now available from ’22 Unedited

26 01 2022: The access password has been changed. If you have subscribed for 2022 but have not received the new password, please let me know.

08 01 2022: I have reworked the way PDFs are viewed which may – or may not – be preferred. Let me know if this works for you. The PDFs are now directly linked to the audio files. Download the PDFs and you will never need the site again! (Great if B.A.D has an outage!)

08 01 2022: It seems that since I have downgraded the site from Business to Premium, I have lost the ability to add PDFs directly to the page. However, I shall add them as a link and they will open up in full page.

08 01 2022: The PDFs are not displaying correctly in the pages. I will reload them. Watch this space!

02 01 2022: Request-AM Homes This Book Will Save Your Life Episode 1

01 01 2022: Happy New Year! The 12 2021 Untitled files are now available. The 11 2021 folder was basically a copy of the 10 2021 folder (see explanation below) so I have included the correct 11 2021 titles in the 12 2021 folder.

28 12 2021: Added Series 5 & 6 of Corrupted, The. GF Newman’s The Corrupted: ‘Crime drama chronicling the fortunes of one family against the backdrop of a revolution in crime.’ I envy you if you haven’t listened to this yet.

24 12 2021: It has been pointed out that the October and November monthly files are the same. I have been sorting out the files and transferring over all the archived files to another drive to reformate a drive. Unfortunately, this has left the ‘created’ date as the same. The November files will be within the next batch of files that I will get to you at the beginning of January.

22 12 2021: There has been a password update that has been emailed to you. You have access to all audio files.

12 12 2021: We are back! Your thoughts are welcome and if you have any access problems, please contact me.