Drama Titles |C|

Cadoro Cafe, The     |    Gary Ogin 0 series .1 episode(s)

The Ca’d’oro Café is a dark comedy about love, money and desperation. Melanie is a waitress in a café. It is closing time when Billy walks in with a bleeding forehead. This is the moment she has dreamt of – being alone with Billy. Only it isn’t… She can’t lose this job and she has got to shut up shop for the night. But Billy has got his own reasons for staying. He has just lost the job that has kept him afloat and now he wants to go back to the only other place he felt settled – jail. Once he has pulled Melanie into his world and filled her with even more love for him, he’ll start smashing windows. EXTRAINFO

Caesar Price Our Lord     |    Fin Kennedy 0 series .1 episode(s)

Illusionist Caesar Price has reproduced nearly all of the miracles of Jesus and built a massive cult following, but is he prepared for what will happen when he decides to stage the crucifixion? EXTRAINFO

Caesar     |    Mike Walker 0 series .1 episode(s)

Drawn from Suetonius’ Lives of the Caesars. EXTRAINFO

Cairo Trilogy, The     |    Naguib Mahfouz 0 series .1 episode(s)

Omar Sharif stars in this generational saga chronicling the life of a middle class, and downwardly mobile, family in an Egypt adjusting to the modern world. EXTRAINFO

Calendar Girls     |    Tim Firth 0 series .1 episode(s)

A play by Tim Firth based on the motion picture Calendar Girls written by Tim Firth and Juliette Towhidi. Ambridge Queen of Am Dram, Lynda Snell, presents Tim Firth’s comedy drama about a group of WI members who make a naked calendar in order to raise money for charity. EXTRAINFO

Call of the Wild, The     |    Jack London 0 series .1 episode(s)

Kidnapped from wealthy California, a pet dog becomes the exceptional leader of a pack of wolves in the Yukon. Stars Robert Jack. EXTRAINFO

Camomile Lawn, The (R)     |    Mary Wesley 0 series .1 episode(s)

With Britain on the edge of war, five cousins and their friends stay at a house with a fragrant lawn stretching down to the Cornish cliffs. EXTRAINFO

Camp of the Dog, The     |    Algernon Blackwood 0 series .1 episode(s)

We traced the paw-marks from the mouth of his tent in a direct line across to the girl’s, but nowhere else about the Camp was there a sign of the strange visitor. The deer, dog, or whatever it was that had twice favoured us with a visit in the night, had confined its attentions to these two tents. And, after all, there was really nothing out of the way about these visits of an unknown animal. EXTRAINFO

Can You Tell Me the Name of the Prime Minister     |    Martin Jameson 0 series .1 episode(s)

Just as the drama of the general election is beginning to subside, psychiatrist Liz De Souza is mystified when she is summoned to a secret government facility to assess a man, recently found disorientated and confused, convinced that Tony Blair is still Prime Minister. Surely Mal is suffering a simple, but treatable, delusional episode. isn’t he? Liz struggles to make sense of things. Scripted and recorded in the weeks and days shortly prior to transmission, ‘Can You Tell Who Is The Prime Minister?’ uses a contemporary Science Fiction mystery to explore the zeitgeist of our post-election democracy. EXTRAINFO

Candida     |    George Bernard Shaw 0 series .1 episode(s)

The life of a vicar’s wife is turned upside down by a young poet. George Bernard Shaw’s romantic comedy stars Hannah Gordon and Edward Petherbridge. EXTRAINFO

Candy Floss Kisses     |    Simon Farquhar 0 series .1 episode(s)

An atmospheric first play for radio by Simon Farquhar, set amid the hillsides, caves and beaches of a remote Scottish community. When 18-year-old Londoner Billy encounters feisty Isla, their shared summer turns out to be more of a rollercoaster than either of them expected. EXTRAINFO

Cant Live Without You     |    Kellie Smith 0 series .1 episode(s)

A psychological thriller about a man’s craving for control in his marriage. When Greg’s partner Anna becomes ill and needs constant care, Greg flourishes as her carer and becomes intoxicated by her dependency. Greg’s apparent overwhelming love for his partner, his deepening desire to feel needed takes him to the limit in their relationship. EXTRAINFO

Canterville Ghost, The     |    Oscar Wilde 0 series .1 episode(s)

Inspector Purbright investigates dark deeds and anonymous letters in the quiet and respectable town of Flaxborough. EXTRAINFO

Canticle for Leibowitz, A     |    Walter Miller Jr. 0 series .1 episode(s)

The atomic Flame Deluge was over. The earth was dead. All knowledge was gone. In a hellish, barren desert, a humble monk unearth a fragile link to a twentieth century civilization. A hand-written document from the Blessed Saint Leibowitz reads: Pound pastrami, can kraut, six bagels – bring home for Emma. EXTRAINFO

Captain Kidd and the First Fifteen     |    John Peacock 0 series .1 episode(s)

Harry thinks Captain Kidd is just a game until it turns into a battle for his life. EXTRAINFO

Captain Nolan’s Chance     |    Kingsley Amis 0 series .1 episode(s)

Captain Louis Edward Nolan, 15th Hussars, was a gifted cavalry officer whose influence on his profession long outlasted his own tragically short life. EXTRAINFO

Captains Wife, The     |    Juliet Ace 0 series .1 episode(s)

Mrs Potter feels she only exists as an appendage to her husband and wishes she could be more like the Captain’s wife. Patricia Hodge tells the tale of Maddy, a ‘Navy’ wife who moves from craving conformity to rebellion as the years pass. EXTRAINFO

Carbon Cleansing     |    Sophie Woolley 0 series .1 episode(s)

When ex-banker Tabitha knocks ‘green’ activist Will off his bicycle with her ‘Chelsea Tractor’, two worlds literally collide. A tale of ecological responsibility, guilt and grimy hot tubs. EXTRAINFO

Card, The     |    Arnold Bennett 0 series .1 episode(s)

Jennifer Howarth’s dramatisation of Arnold Bennett’s exuberant and cheerful story charting the rise and rise of Denry Machin in 19th-century Bursley. EXTRAINFO

Caretaker, The     |    Harold Pinter 0 series .1 episode(s)

David Warner and Daniel Mays star in Harold Pinter’s dark comedy. The late author was considered before his death to be one of a handful of living British dramatists. And this play is considered by many critics to be his finest. The style and comedy employed are reminiscent of post-war European drama, especially the plays of Samuel Beckett. That said, this is a powerful and original play. EXTRAINFO

Carhullan Army, The     |    Sarah Hall 0 series .1 episode(s)

A serious political novel that convincingly explores the mindset of fascism, and a haunting story of how far we will go to be free, it’s also a kind of Cumbrian western, peopled with heroic personalities out of an all-female version of “The Iliad”. It’s a blistering achievement: darkly violent, funny, tender and gripping, “The Carhullan Army” is like nothing else. In an unspecified near-future, life in Britain has become unrecognisable: the floodwaters have risen, food and fuel are scarce, and the country is run by the sinister Authority. All women are forced to wear contraceptive devices. Sister, as the book’s narrator calls herself, escapes this repressive world and heads for a mysterious, quasi-mythical commune of women high in the Cumbrian fells, led by the legendary Jackie Nixon. The journey is a challenge but arrival is only the beginning of Sister’s struggle. EXTRAINFO

Caribou Island     |    David Vann 0 series .1 episode(s)

On a small island in a glacier-fed lake on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, a marriage is unraveling. Gary, driven by thirty years of diverted plans, and Irene, haunted by a tragedy in her past, are trying to rebuild their life together. Following the outline of Gary’s old dream, they’re hauling logs to Caribou Island in good weather and in terrible storms, in sickness and in health, to build the kind of cabin that drew them to Alaska in the first place. But this island is not right for Irene. They are building without plans or advice, and when winter comes early, the overwhelming isolation of the prehistoric wilderness threatens their bond to the core. Caught in the emotional maelstrom is their adult daughter, Rhoda, who is wrestling with the hopes and disappointments of her own life. Devoted to her parents, she watches helplessly as they drift further apart. EXTRAINFO

Carlingford Chronicles, The     |    Margaret Oliphant 0 series .1 episode(s)

From the moment of her mother’s death, Lucilla Marjoriebanks knows her vocation – a conviction based on the influence of morally uplifting novels and the ‘sublime confidence in herself is the first necessity to a woman on a mission’. The usurping of Dr. Marjoriebanks as master of his own table and the assuaging of Nancy, his formidable housekeeper, are but small steps in Lucilla’s scheme, for she intends nothing less than the transformation of Carlingford society. Lucilla’s ‘evenings’ become the talk fo this quiet country town: not only are they an essential source of gossip and entertainment for old friends and neighbours of Grange Lane, but they are also the setting for some of Lucilla’s most startling accomplishments. For it is on these occasions, under the watchful eye and guidance of this magnificent young woman, that reputations are made and lost and romances are pursued and undone … EXTRAINFO

Carmen     |    Dan Allum 0 series .1 episode(s)

Carmen is imprisoned by Officer Don Jose after fighting in a bar, but is determined not to stay incarcerated for long. Prosper Mérimée’s novella Carmen is best known for the Bizet opera it later inspired. Dan Allum takes the original story as his inspiration for this exciting and powerful new interpretation starring Candis Nergaard as Carmen. EXTRAINFO

Carmilla     |    J. Sheridan Le Fanu 0 series .1 episode(s)

Living in a castle in Austria, lonely Laura is captivated by a beautiful visitor. EXTRAINFO

Carnival King     |    Bruce Bedford 0 series .1 episode(s)

A comic tale of rivalry, intrigue & skullduggery. A London city slicker brings his savvy to the efforts of a Somerset village pub to win the annual Carnival Cup. EXTRAINFO

Carousel     |    Rodgers and Hammerstein 0 series .1 episode(s)

The musicals continue with one of the greatest shows of them all. With music by Richard Rodgers and book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, based on Ferenc Molnar’s “Liliom”, Carousel is set in New England between 1873 and 1888 and tells the story of fairground barker Billy Bigelow and his love for Julie Jordan. EXTRAINFO

Case of the Cool Canary     |    Sarah Maxwell 0 series .1 episode(s)

A play in the style of a Hollywood comedy/thriller of the 30s. Private investigator Dick George and his lovely ex-wife, Dora, are called upon by heiress Ruth-Ann Rogers for protection ‘ from gangsters intent upon wresting her fortune from her. EXTRAINFO

Case of the Vanishing Vamp     |    Sarah Maxwell 0 series .1 episode(s)

The further adventures of private eye Dick George, written in the style of a Hollywood Comedy/thriller of the 1930s. EXTRAINFO

Casino Royale     |    Iain Fleming 0 series .1 episode(s)

Award-winning English actor Alex Jennings reads from Ian Fleming’s debut 007 outing, Casino Royale. EXTRAINFO

Casino, The     |    Margaret Bonham 0 series .1 episode(s)

(R) Recently rediscovered by publisher Persephone Books, Margaret Bonham’s, The Casino, is a beautifully crafted collection of short stories written in the 1940s. The stories offer unsettling insights into the relationship between parent and child, where the point of view of the child is particularly sharply observed. EXTRAINFO

Castle of Otranto, The     |    Horace Walpole 0 series .1 episode(s)

When Prince Manfred’s only son is killed on the morning of his wedding, he decides to marry the bride himself – but the castle ghost seems to be standing in his way. EXTRAINFO

Castle, The     |    Franz Kafka 0 series .1 episode(s)

In Franz Kafka’s mind-warping novel, set in a bureaucratic wonderland, the hapless land-surveyor known only as K answers a summons to work at the mysterious Castle, only to find himself drawn into a labyrinth of terror and absurdity. EXTRAINFO

Cat On a Hot Tin Roof     |    Tennessee Williams 0 series .1 episode(s)

An adaptation of Tennessee Williams’s classic 1950s drama set in the plantations of the American Deep South. Hypocrisy, greed and secret passions threaten to tear apart a dysfunctional family as they fight over a dying patriarch’s millions. EXTRAINFO

Cat Out of Hell     |    Lynne Truss 0 series .1 episode(s)

Author of the bestselling Eats, Shoots and Leaves, the mysterious tale of a cat with nine lives. And a relationship as ancient as time itself and just as powerful. The scene – an isolated cottage on the coast, on a stormy evening. Inside, Alec a recently bereaved widower and his dog. To pass the time Alec explores the contents of a folder of documents emailed to him by an acquaintance at the library where he used to work. What he discovers is an extraordinary story that will change his life forever. EXTRAINFO

Catch Me If You Can     |    Frank Abagnale Jr 0 series .1 episode(s)

(R) Notorious conman Frank Abagnale Jr’s autobiography. This intriguing account of his unconventional life, begins with his childhood and his first scam. Co-written with Stan Redding, it was abridged by Mark Mason, read by William Hop EXTRAINFO

Catch My Breath     |    Marty Ross 0 series .1 episode(s)

Two women take refuge in a Scottish country mansion where a demon lures victims into a kiss which will drain the life from their bodies. It’s a contemporary mix of gothic horror and Celtic folklore. EXTRAINFO

Cat’s Table, The     |    Michael Ondaatje 0 series .1 episode(s)

The Cat’s Table follows the course of a 21 day voyage from Colombo to Tilbury on a luxury passenger ship called the Oronsay. It is the early nineteen-fifties and the eleven year old Michael whose parents’ turbulent marriage has resulted in his mother living in England for the past three or four years, is being sent to join her in London. He becomes friends with two other young boys – Cassius and Ramadhin who are also seated at the table, dubbed the Cat’s Table by one of their fellow diners, which is the lowliest of the low, the other end of the scale from The Captain’s Table. For the next three weeks these children have the run of the boat, they are invisible to authority, literally and emotionally feral. They feel their way amongst the adult world, observing and being baffled by the overheard conversations and secret glances. It is a journey towards an understanding of maturity, a journey which forges friendships and lays the foundations of love as well as of betrayal. Among their fellow passengers are the exuberant travelling pianist Mr Mazappa; a botanist transporting a miraculously exotic garden of powerful and dangerous plants all growing in the hold of the ship; the enigmatic Ms Lasqueti and her prize pigeons; a troupe of acrobatic performers with remarkable powers of discernment and the mysterious and terrifying prisoner whose nightly exercise is observed by the breathless boys. The lives of all those on board become entwined in a compelling narrative whose events have an impact which ripples out into the future and the world of adulthood. EXTRAINFO

Cattle Market     |    Shane Connaughton 0 series .1 episode(s)

Deep in rural Northern Ireland, cows are two a penny; sadly, for one farming community, finding love and the perfect partner is proving more elusive. If only these eligible farmers could find a way to advertise themselves. EXTRAINFO

Caves of Steel     |    Isaac Asimov 0 series .1 episode(s)

Elijah Baley and R. Daneel Olivaw live roughly three millennia in Earth’s future, a time when hyperspace travel has been discovered, and a few worlds relatively close to Earth have been colonised — fifty planets known as the “Spacer worlds”. The Spacer worlds are rich, have low population density (average population of one hundred million each), and use robot labor very heavily. Meanwhile, Earth is overpopulated (with a total population of eight billion), and strict rules against robots have been passed. The eponymous “caves of steel” are vast city complexes covered by huge metal domes, capable of supporting tens of millions each. The New York City of that era, for example, encompasses present-day New York City, as well as large tracts of New Jersey. Asimov imagines the present day’s underground transit connected to malls and apartment blocks, extended to a point where no one ever exits to the outside world. Indeed, most of the population cannot leave, as they suffer from extreme agoraphobia. Even though the Robot and Foundation series were not supposed to play in the same universe until much later, those “caves of steel” resemble the planet Trantor. In The Caves of Steel and its sequels, Asimov paints a grim situation of an Earth dealing with an extremely large population, and of luxury-seeking Spacers who limit birth so that each may have great wealth and privacy. Asimov, who was agoraphobic, did not himself find the lack of daylight grim. He mentioned that a reader asked him how he could have imagined such an existence with no sunlight. He related that it had not struck him until then that living perpetually indoors might be construed as unpleasant. EXTRAINFO

Cavity     |    Sean Grundy 0 series .1 episode(s)

Kirsty is having an affair with a married man, Adrian. When his wife Lucy returns unexpectedly from a business conference, Kirsty hides in the attic. In a panic, she falls down the back of the attic into the cavity wall. EXTRAINFO

Cazalets, The     |    Elizabeth Jane Howard 0 series .1 episode(s)

Penelope Wilton narrates BBC Radio 4’s epic dramatisation of the treasured family saga. Elizabeth Jane Howard’s five book chronicle of the upper-middle class Cazalet family begins in 1938, as siblings Hugh, Edward, Rupert and Rachel join together for another family holiday at Home Place, their house in the Sussex countryside. During the course of The Light Years, Marking Time, Confusion, Casting Off and All Change, the progress of their lives, and those of their children, will be charted. As their stories unfolds we gain a vivid insight into the lives, hopes and loves of three generations during the Second Word War and beyond. Dramatised by Sarah Daniels and Lin Coghlan, and with a large cast of actors across all five books, this remarkable radio event adds a new dimension to Elizabeth Jane Howard’s extraordinary chronicles. The first four Cazalet novels sold over a million copies, with the fifth being published in 2013, shortly before the author’s death. EXTRAINFO

Celebrity Who Failed, The     |    Winifred Holt 0 series .1 episode(s)

Can Amelia deal with the attention after she learns to walk on water? EXTRAINFO

Centenier, The     |    Alan Downer 0 series .1 episode(s)

The first of three crime dramas set on the Channel Island of Jersey, featuring Centenier Richard Hammond, whose role is to stick his nose into open-and-shut cases and thereby rile the local plods. Early one Monday morning, a man’s naked body is found floating in Bon Nuit Bay. Simple – midnight skinny-dip, bumps his head on the jetty and drowns. Case closed. But Centenier Hammond’s not having any of it and soon opens a seedy can of charity garden parties, theatrical luvvies and filthy foreigners … EXTRAINFO

Chalk Garden, The     |    Enid Bagnold 0 series .1 episode(s)

Classic 1950s drama set in a country house, where the new companion to an unruly girl is revealed to have a shocking past. EXTRAINFO

Chameleon     |    Vicky Meer 0 series .1 episode(s)

Mo is being relocated under a witness protection scheme, his previous identity totally eradicated. How will a Porsche-driving London drug dealer adapt to life as a vegetarian postman living in a former council semi in Gretna? Mo….Navin Chowdhry EXTRAINFO

Change of Heart     |    Robin Kelly 0 series .1 episode(s)

Tom cryogenically freezes his girlfriend when she is run down by a drunk driver. But when he reanimates her with the gift of a new heart, the woman that comes back to life is not the same woman he fell in love with. EXTRAINFO

Changeling, The     |    Thomas Middleton and William R 0 series .1 episode(s)

Thomas Middleton and William Rowley’s Jacobean classic, set in Alicante, Spain, in the 1920s. Beatrice-Joanna is due to marry Alonzo e Piracquo, until she falls in love with Alsemero and seeks the help of her father’s man, De Flores. EXTRAINFO

Chaos of Wealth and Want, A     |    Penny Gold 0 series .1 episode(s)

The play focuses on an episode in the career of the great chronicler of London life and pioneer of oral history, Henry Mayhew. In the 1850s, Mayhew spent his days gathering verbatim testimonies from the city’s poor for his ‘London Labour and the London Poor’. No moralising do-gooder, he believed he could talk to such people on equal terms. It took his challenging friendship with Jack, a sharp-witted teenage coster (market trader) and his over-trusting attempt to assist Mouse, a drunken child-runaway with a winning smile, to teach him where the borders lie. At the heart of the story is Mayhew himself: a vigorous, humorous, volatile, improvident, totally engaging, totally exasperating man. No wonder he sees similarities between himself and the street people he interviews; no wonder he drives his wife to distraction. EXTRAINFO

Charity Ends at Home     |    Colin Watson 0 series .1 episode(s)

Inspector Purbright investigates dark deeds and anonymous letters in the quiet and respectable town of Flaxborough. EXTRAINFO

Charlie Muffin     |    Brian Freemantle 0 series .1 episode(s)

An endearing spy, irritates his new boss and co-workers because of his appearance and age, but that doesn’t stop them from taking the credit for his accomplishments. But Charlie perseveres and proves to be right over and over again in this story of the capture of a KGB general who is running a spy network in England. EXTRAINFO

Charlotte Bronte in Babylon     |    Charlotte Cory 0 series .1 episode(s)

Drama charting five momentous visits Charlotte Bronte made to London. EXTRAINFO

Charlottes Web     |    E.B. White 0 series .1 episode(s)

Wilbur the baby pig is rescued from an untimely death by farmer’s daughter Fern, only to discover that he’s being fattened up for the dinner table. Can his life be saved a second time? The classic children’s story about the friendship between Wilbur and Charlotte, the spider who can write. EXTRAINFO

Chatterton-The Allington Solution     |    Peter Ackroyd 0 series .1 episode(s)

Who or what killed the boy genius Thomas Chatterton? For over two hundred years, everyone thought he committed suicide, a neglected poet driven to despair. Everyone, that is, except Jeremy Allington, a literary historian, who thinks the prevailing wisdom is nonsense. Only he isn’t quite as polite as that … Dangerously close to losing his job and his partner, Allington is determined to prove that history is not as simple as some historians would have us believe. Set in both the present day and the 18th century, Chatterton: The Allington Solution is the first play for Radio 4 by the acclaimed writer, biographer and historian, Peter Ackroyd EXTRAINFO

Cheating the Gallows     |    Israel Zangwill 0 series .1 episode(s)

Will a surprise bank robbery undo the intense friendship of two inseparable lodgers? And what of the missing money? EXTRAINFO

Chequebook and Pen     |    Andrew Lynch and Johnny Vegas 0 series .1 episode(s)

Johnny Vegas pays tribute to the legendary Les Dawson in a comic flight of fancy. Les has a way with words but is northern, rather crumpled, a little shambolic and an unknown quantity, and delightfully unpredictable when he is faced with representing a national institution. Nicholas Parsons is Farson, a resplendent foil for Dawson. EXTRAINFO

Cherry Orchard, The     |    Anton Chekhov 0 series .1 episode(s)

Translated by Sasha Dugdale. A new production of Chekhov’s timeless study of a Russian aristocratic family forced to sell their house and beloved cherry orchard during the great social transitions of the 19th century. EXTRAINFO

Chicken Soup with Barley     |    Arnold Wesker 0 series .1 episode(s)

A chance to hear a transfer to radio of The Royal Court Theatre’s acclaimed 2011 production of Arnold Wesker’s landmark play from 1958 that captures the collapse of an ideology, alongside the disintegration of a family. The kettle boils in 1936 as the fascists are marching. Tea is brewed in 1946, with disillusion in the air at the end of the war. Twenty years on in 1956, as rumours spread of Hungarian revolution, the cup is empty. Sarah Kahn, an East End Jewish mother, is a feisty political fighter and a staunch communist. Battling against the State and her shirking husband she desperately tries to keep her family together. This landmark state-of-the-nation play is a panoramic drama portraying the age-old battle between realism and idealism. EXTRAINFO

Children of Green Knowe, The     |    Lucy M. Boston 0 series .1 episode(s)

Tolly’s great-grandmother wasn’t a witch but both she and her old house, Green Knowe, were full of a very special kind of magic. And Green Knowe turned out not to be the lonely place Tolly had imagined it to be. There were other children living in the house – children who had been happy there centuries before. This is the first title in the well-loved Green Knowe series from Carnegie Medal winner Lucy M. Boston. EXTRAINFO

Children of the Corn     |    Stephen King 0 series .1 episode(s)

Stephen King’s classic horror set in the cornfields of Nebraska. A husband and wife stumble across a strange religious sect. EXTRAINFO

Children of Witchwood, The     |    Wally K. Daly 0 series .1 episode(s)

A student at a local college goes missing. It is the work of the eerie Cranford family, or are more malevolent forces are at play? EXTRAINFO

Chimera     |    Stephen Gallagher 0 series .1 episode(s)

Brutal killings in an isolated laboratory leads to a government hush up. Dramatised by Stephen Gallagher from his own novel. EXTRAINFO

China Girl     |    Tom Fry 0 series .1 episode(s)

Childless Nick and Naomi adopt a baby from a Chinese orphanage. EXTRAINFO

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang     |    Ian Fleming 0 series .1 episode(s)

An eccentric professor invents wacky machinery, but can’t seem to make ends meet. When he invents a revolutionary car, a foreign government becomes interested in it, and resorts to skulduggery to get their hands on it. EXTRAINFO

Chocky     |    John Wyndham 0 series .1 episode(s)

When young Matthew starts talking to himself, and introduces his invisible friend Chocky to the family, his parents decide it’s just a phase he is going through. But when Matthew starts explaining binary maths and anti-gravity propulsion, they begin to worry. Is Chocky really just the product of an over-inactive imagination, or something more? EXTRAINFO

Chocolate and Cuckoo Clocks     |    Alan Coren and John Sessions 0 series .1 episode(s)

The Essential Alan Coren. John Sessions reads from a new anthology of humorous writing by the late Alan Coren, edited by his children, Giles and Victoria. EXTRAINFO

Chocolate Frigates     |    Juliet Ace 0 series .1 episode(s)

While Jack prepares a triumphant leaving dinner for his Captain – a magnificent fleet of 12 chocolate frigates – his son is in the thick of action in Iraq. When your son is away at war how can your life just carry on as normal? Jack thinks it can and must, but his wife and son aren’t so sure. EXTRAINFO

Chocolate Lovers’ Club, The     |    Moya O’Shea 0 series .1 episode(s)

At the Muchly Bottom Village Chocolate Lovers’ Club, five women take turns to create a chocolate delight and, while they devour it, tell a chocolate tale. EXTRAINFO

Choice of Straws     |    E.R. Braithwaite 0 series .1 episode(s)

Dramatisation by Roy Williams of the novel by ER Braithwaite. 1960, London’s East End: twins Jack and Dave Bennett are a happy-go-lucky, rootless pair. If they do occasionally rough-up a black guy it’s just a game to them – until a victim in Whitechapel fights back and Dave pulls a knife. EXTRAINFO

Chopin – Prince of the Romantics     |    Adam Zamoyski 0 series .1 episode(s)

Adam Zamoyski’s biography of the brief but eventful life of the great Romantic composer Frederic Chopin, from Polish child prodigy to Paris dandy, his turbulent relationship with George Sand and his early death, penniless in Paris. The young Chopin arrives in bohemian Paris, capital of the artistic world and home of the Romantic movement. Before long he becomes one of the most celebrated figures in Parisian society, and something of a dandy. But he longs for Poland, realising that it is unlikely he will return to his homeland again. EXTRAINFO

Chorus Line, A     |    James Kirkwood Jr and Nicholas Dante 0 series .1 episode(s)

Based on true stories, A Chorus Line revolutionised Broadway, becoming the longest running musical in New York theatre history, breaking records, winning nine Tony Awards, seven Drama Desk Awards, the New York Critics’ Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. EXTRAINFO

Chowringhee     |    Mani Shankar Mukerji 0 series .1 episode(s)

Mani Shankar Mukerji’s comedy about life in a grand Calcutta hotel in the late 1950s. Adapted by Roger James Elsgood from a translation from the Bengali by Arunava Sinha. EXTRAINFO

Christmas Eve     |    Adam Beeson 0 series .1 episode(s)

Comic drama based on a short story by Nikolai Gogol. As the snow falls on Christmas Eve in the Ukrainian village of Dikanka, the local witch is in league with a devil to steal the moon and stars. Meanwhile, the witch’s son goes on a magical night flight to St Petersburg to borrow a pair of shoes from Catherine the Great. EXTRAINFO

Chronicles of Ait     |    Michael Butt 0 series .1 episode(s)

‘The Turn of the Screw’ to ‘Torchwood’, spooky children have long been used to add menace to many an eerie tale, and Michael Butt’s unsettling drama about a young girl’s visions of future events is a fine addition to the casebook. Openminded Dr Linus Scott is pitted against sceptical child psychologist Alice Pyper-think The X-Files in East Anglia-as they try to puzzle out the strangely disturbed behaviour of nine-year-old Linny Custer. But what could be nothing more than an effective spine-tingler soon morphs into a deftly handled meditation on loss and family as motivations and background histories rise to the surface in the mysterious coastal community of Ait where the regular rules of science and memory appear not to apply. EXTRAINFO

Chrysalids, The     |    John Wyndham 0 series .1 episode(s)

Genetic mutation has devastated the world. In the emergent bleak, primitive society, any deviation is seen as the work of the devil, ruthlessly hunted out and destroyed. In law abiding, God-respecting Waknuk anyone who does not conform to the ‘norm’ must keep their deviation secret or face the consequences of discovery. EXTRAINFO

Churchill Barriers, The     |    Emma Spurgin Hussey 0 series .1 episode(s)

Orkney, 1944, and clerk George finds common ground with Italian POW Giorgio as they build the famous sea defences. EXTRAINFO

Cider With Rosie     |    Laurie Lee 0 series .1 episode(s)

The classic tale ‘Cider With Rosie’, which many students read for their GCSE English Literature exam, is based on a true tale in the life of the late Laurie Lee. The story is set in 1917 and draws upon the innocence of rural Cotswold life at the beginning of the last century. EXTRAINFO

Cigarettes and Chocolate     |    Anthony Minghella 0 series .1 episode(s)

Anthony Minghella’s Giles Cooper Award winning radio play, first broadcast nearly twenty years ago, repeated as a tribute to the author who died recently. Gemma’s unexplained silence is the catalyst for a reaction amongst her friends and lovers both unfaithful and unrequited, which starts as mild irritation but becomes increasingly uncontrolled as her passive but forceful refusal to speak drives them to distraction. EXTRAINFO

Cinders     |    Ali Taylor 0 series .1 episode(s)

When a heartbreaking memoir about life in war-torn Kabul lands on her desk, Emma thinks she’s discovered a new literary sensation. Her colleagues, though, are deeply sceptical. A pacy comedy lifting the lid on the ethics of publishing war-torn misery memoirs. EXTRAINFO

Circus Train     |    Margarita Sharapova 0 series .1 episode(s)

Margarita Sharapova’s tale, based on working in a Russian circus, is adapted by Louis Nowra. While their train is waiting at a remote rural station, animal trainer Orest and his assistant Alex take the dog out to relieve herself and their long circus train leaves without them. With no papers or money and not knowing where they are, they embark on a madcap journey, hopping goods trains and hiding away in carriages. Some are full of contraband, others have stowaways and one clattering goods train is carrying mysterious chemicals. Alex and Orest encounter a host of eccentric characters who are finding new and often desperate ways to survive. As they manically switch trains to try to rejoin the circus, they explore the hinterland of Russia. EXTRAINFO

Citadel, The S01     |    A.J. Cronin 0 series .1 episode(s)

An enthusiastic newly-trained doctor arrives in a Welsh mining town but is soon brought down to earth.EXTRAINFO

City Full of Swindlers, A     |    Jenny Howarth 0 series .1 episode(s)

Cassandra Austen narrates the shocking story of her aunt’s arrest and imprisonment for stealing a piece of lace, a story which reveals Georgian Bath to be a far less decorous place than it appears in her sister Jane’s novels. EXTRAINFO

City Killing, A     |    Mike Walker 0 series .1 episode(s)

After a foolhardy trade in the City almost wipes out Harry Towers’ hedge fund, he turns for help to family friend Bob Glass, probably the most successful trader that Wall Street has ever seen. Confidence is immediately restored and Harry’s investors seem inclined to give him a second chance – until he some alarming news on TV. EXTRAINFO

City of Two Continents The Byzantine Passage (R)     |    Jenny White 0 series .1 episode(s)

Series of short stories marking Istanbul’s tenure as European Capital of Culture in 2010. EXTRAINFO

Clap Hands Here Comes Charlie     |    Brian Freemantle 0 series .1 episode(s)

Charlie Muffin (neither the man nor his name) doesn’t fit anyone’s view of an international spy. He’s a poor dresser, getting old, happily married, and hated by both the CIA and British Intelligence. Soon the directive goes out: Deal with Charlie–permanently. EXTRAINFO

Clarissa – The History of a Young Lady     |    Samuel Richardson 0 series .1 episode(s)

Pressured by her unscrupulous family to marry a wealthy man she detests, the young Clarissa Harlowe is tricked into fleeing with the witty and debonair Robert Lovelace and places herself under his protection. Lovelace, however, proves himself to be an untrustworthy rake whose vague promises of marriage are accompanied by unwelcome and increasingly brutal sexual advances. And yet, Clarissa finds his charm alluring, her scrupulous sense of virtue tinged with unconfessed desire. Told through a complex series of interweaving letters, Clarissa is a richly ambiguous study of a fatally attracted couple and a work of astonishing power and immediacy. A huge success when it first appeared in 1747, and translated into French and German, it remains one of the greatest of all European novels. EXTRAINFO

Clean Break     |    Vai McDermid 0 series .1 episode(s)

Manchester-based private eye Kate Brannigan is not amused when thieves steal a Monet from a stately home. EXTRAINFO

Clean Trade     |    Winsome Pinnock 0 series .1 episode(s)

We follow the changing fortunes of a tight knit group of cleaners and members of a Jamaican style ‘pardner ring’ – a type of savings club. There’s one problem – they have hardly any savings and all have terrible financial problems. Led by wannabe trader Nessa, they try their hand at trading on the stock market. Much to their surprise they start to make money, but as they do so they find that their new found riches lead to conflict as their friendships are put to the test. EXTRAINFO

Cleopatras Nose     |    Big Audio Drama 0 series .1 episode(s)

Every man has a special fantasy and James has a lifelong obsession with Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile, especially her nose. Can James overcome his lifelong Egyptian queen obsession and find a real girlfriend? EXTRAINFO

Clergyman’s Daughter, A     |    George Orwell 0 series .1 episode(s)

A young woman put upon by her clergyman father rebels against his blind ignorance and runs away. While roughing it she has adventures and meets various British character stereotypes. Then, having both lost her faith and rejected her one real chance of escape, she returns to become her father’s drudge again. EXTRAINFO

Clerks, The     |    Rhys Adrian 0 series .1 episode(s)

Two men who once worked for a secret Government department are reduced to living on the streets. More Rhys Adrian on the Rhys Adrian Page. EXTRAINFO

Clintons, The     |    Jonathan Myerson 0 series .1 episode(s)

Three dramas that imagine key moments in Bill and Hillary Clinton’s lives together, closely based on the published accounts and opinions of those who have witnessed their enduring partnership. Heck Dont Vote for Him. 1991, and the barely-known Governor of Arkansas is beginning to get some traction in the Democratic Presidential Primaries. Bill Clinton, son of a travelling salesman, wants the nomination to take on incumbent President George H W Bush, popular victor of the First Gulf War. Then the story of Gennifer Flowers surfaces: she claims she had a twelve-year affair with Bill. It is dragging down his campaign. But ever since they met at Yale, Bill’s talented wife Hillary has been his most fervent supporter, and on her advice, they come out fighting. In a special interview broadcast straight after the Super Bowl, picking up its audience of one hundred million, she puts both their careers on the line. ‘Heck, Don’t Vote For Him’ explores the beginnings of a complex and fascinating relationship which has helped shape both Clintons’ careers. The Coup. 1995, and President Bill Clinton’s business dealings in the failed Whitewater property scheme are under investigation by the Independent Counsel, Kenneth Starr. When Susan McDougal, one of the partners in the scheme, is asked to implicate the Clintons in return for her own immunity, she refuses to lie. 1998, and the Independent Counsel is running out of time. When he receives tapes of an interview with an intern called Monica Lewinsky, the investigation takes a new turn to indict the President for perjury. The Man Scale. 2008, and Hillary Clinton is running for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. A long-heralded, well-organised and well-funded candidate, the figures are all going her way, until a charismatic young Senator from Illinois starts to attract attention. And as the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton goes down to the wire, is Bill’s role in her campaign becoming a problem? Hillary’s decision to fight on, or withdraw, is somehow being weighed in ‘The Man Scale’… EXTRAINFO

Clockwork Orange, A     |    Anthony Burgess 0 series .1 episode(s)

Dramatisation of Anthony Burgess’s novel which became a controversial film in the 1970s. In a nightmare world of the near future, packs of teenagers run wild, beyond the control of their families or the police. Alex is a gang-leader, addicted to drug-fuelled assault, torture and rape. EXTRAINFO

Close the Coalhouse Door     |    Alan Plater 0 series .1 episode(s)

Songs by Alex Glasgow. Celebrated 1960s political docudrama charting the miners’ struggles for justice during the 19th and 20th centuries. EXTRAINFO

Closely Observed Trains     |    Bohumil Hrabal 0 series .1 episode(s)

Dramatised by Ian Kershaw. It is 1945. For gauche young apprentice Milos Hrma, life at the sleepy railway station in Bohemia is full of complex preoccupations. There is the burden of dispatching German troop trains; the shocking scandal of Dispatcher Hubicka; and the vexing problem of his sexual performance. Classic comedy drama from a celebrated Czech writer. EXTRAINFO

Clothes They Stood Up In, The     |    Alan Bennett 0 series .1 episode(s)

Maurice and Rosemary Ransome are a typically dissatisfied, middle-aged, middle-class couple, childless and emotionally withdrawn. “They had no children and but for Mozart would probably have split up years ago. Mr Ransome always took a bath when he came home from work and then he had his supper. After supper he took another bath, this time in Mozart”. However, one night, after returning from a performance of Cosi fan tutte, bath, supper, Mozart and everything disappeared. “There is a limit to what burglars can take: they seldom take easy chairs, for example, and even more seldom settees. These burglars did. They took everything”. What unfolds is a brilliant account of the ways in which the lives of the Ransomes are subtly but profoundly changed forever, as Rosemary discovers the joys of shopping at the local Pakistani shop and the limits of counselling, and Maurice fantasises about new CD equipment with which to listen to Mozart. However, just as life begins to return to normal, a letter arrives which throws new light on the Ransome’s extraordinary burglary. EXTRAINFO

Cobwebs     |    David Hodgson 0 series .1 episode(s)

Greg Drake is just getting his life back together after the death of his wife. But then his house is broken into when he is asleep. Nothing is taken, but his peace of mind is destroyed. EXTRAINFO

Cock     |    Mike Bartlett 0 series .1 episode(s)

The Royal Court Theatre production of Mike Bartlett’s acclaimed play about sexual identity, starring Ben Whishaw, Andrew Scott, Katherine Parkinson and Paul Jesson. EXTRAINFO

Cocktail Party, The     |    T.S. Eliot 0 series .1 episode(s)

Edward and Lavinia Chamberlayne are separated after five years of marriage. She leaves Edward just as they are about to host a cocktail party at their London home, and he has to come up with an explanation for why Lavinia is not present, in order to keep up social appearances. Lavinia is brought back by a mysterious Unidentified Guest at the party. EXTRAINFO

Coelocanth     |    Ben Moor 0 series .1 episode(s)

Ben Moor stars in his own play about a man involved in competitive tree-climbing who finds and loses love but keeps on growing. EXTRAINFO

Cold Blood     |    Simon Bovey 0 series .1 episode(s)

It is 2015 and an Antarctic research station is settling down for another winter- but this winter will be like no other. EXTRAINFO

Cold Cold Heart     |    Karin Slaughter 0 series .1 episode(s)

(Sponsored by BMW). For twenty years, Pam did her duty as loyal, compliant wife. She and John shared their friends, their careers, and a son – for richer for poorer, for better for worse. Until the day tragedy struck their family and John betrayed his wife in the most public of ways, walking away to a lucrative new life. For three years John becomes richer while Pam becomes poorer; John’s life becomes increasingly better while Pam’s becomes worse. But then a reversal of fortune brings them back together, and Pam gets the chance for a revenge John could never have dreamed of … EXTRAINFO

Cold Comfort Farm     |    Stella Gibbons 0 series .1 episode(s)

The Adventures of Flora Poste who embarks on a career as ‘a parasite’ and moves in with the Starkadders of Howling. EXTRAINFO

Cold     |    Tony Bagley 0 series .1 episode(s)

Set in 1959 at the Common Cold Unit. Medical researchers are certain that a cure for the cold is just around the corner.But they haven’t foreseen a revolution within their own walls. EXTRAINFO

Collaborators     |    John Hodge 0 series .1 episode(s)

Moscow, 1938: A dangerous place to have a sense of humour, even more so a sense of freedom. The writer Mikhail Bulgakov, living among the dissidents, stalked by secret police, has both. After 3 years rehearsal his new play about Moliere has just opened, and may be just about to close unless he accepts a commission from the secret police to write a play to celebrate Stalin’s sixtieth birthday. A poison chalice which he struggles to accept, until he receives an offer of help from the most unlikely quarter. Based on historical fact, John Hodge’s blistering new play depicts a lethal game of cat and mouse as the writer loses himself in a macabre and disturbingly funny relationship with the omnipotent subject of his drama. EXTRAINFO

Collected Works of AJ Fikry, The     |    Gabrielle Zevin 0 series .1 episode(s)

Beguiling, funny and poignant, The Collected Works of A.J. Fikry is largely set in Island Books, a failing independent bookshop in the middle of an island community off the American coast. A. J.Fikry, the shop’s owner, is struggling to come to terms with a devastating loss, Amelia, a sales rep for a small publisher can’t find the right man, and Maya, the baby found abandoned beside the piles of books, with a note, all gravitate to its teetering stackes. Island Books brings them together and offers life lessons gleaned from reading which are passed on and shared. EXTRAINFO

Colliers Cathedra, The     |    Sam Lender 0 series .1 episode(s)

In this very funny comedy, Sam Lender looks back to the turning point in his life which caused him to leave his poor family to seek fame and fortune. Much of the daily life at the time remains in the recess of his recollection, but one event he remembers only too well when he was 15-years-old. Jacob, Sam’s father, was an uneducated, unwashed alcoholic coal-miner with the manners of a wild beast (not too dissimilar from most of the blackened creatures he shared the long daily decent into the bowels of the pit). One day, his mother Lottie receives bad news – there was an explosion in the pit. The rescue team went down as soon as they finished their tea and found everything blown to smithereens. All that was left of Jacob was his snap box and sandwiches. After taking donations from other miners, Lottie is given a small leather purse which had the collective opinion his father’s mates – one shilling and tuppence. Along with the shilling a week from the union, it won’t be enough to feed her and her seven children, so she has to work – and work she does – day and night. Soon, after turning 16, Sam wants to get a job. Being much older than his six siblings (the reason for age difference was that Sam’s father worked nights in the pit when he was born), Sam wants to be a writer or a musician while his mother wants him to go down the Pit. When another accident occurs, the decision is made for Sam. EXTRAINFO

Color Purple, The     |    Alice Walker 0 series .1 episode(s)

Celie is a poor uneducated young black woman in 1930s Georgia who, aged only fourteen, is raped and impregnated twice by the man she calls Pa. Her children both disappear; Celie assumes their father has murdered them, until she meets a small girl in town to whom she bears a strong resemblance. Celie is forced into a marriage against her will to a man who originally approaches her father to ask permission to marry her younger sister, Nettie. Shortly after moving into her new home, she is joined by Nettie, who is also seeking to escape the unpleasant conditions at home. After Celie’s husband tries to seduce her and fails he forces Nettie to leave and, following Celie’s advice, she goes to the home of a local pastor, promising to write to Celie. As time passes, no letters arrive and so Celie assumes that Nettie is dead. Taking place mostly in rural Georgia, the story focuses on female black life during the 1930s in the Southern United States, addressing the numerous issues including their exceedingly low position in American social culture. EXTRAINFO

Coma, The     |    Alex Garland 0 series .1 episode(s)

Bestselling author Alex Garland’s surreal fantasy explores the workings of a coma patient’s mind, lucid but powerless. Carl keeps having blackouts and fears he’s suffered brain damage as a result of the attack on the tube train, so he turns to his friends for help. EXTRAINFO

Commitments, The     |    Roddy Doyle 0 series .1 episode(s)

Jimmy Rabbite is on a mission – he wants to spread the gospel of soul to Dublin. Barrytown is about to become Motown as Jimmy decides to put a band together. Regarded as one of Ireland’s most influential contemporary writers Roddy Doyle shot to fame with his novels The Commitments, The Van, (Booker shortlisted) and The Snapper. These were closely followed by his novel Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha which won the Booker. As well as his numerous best-selling novels, he has written for both television and film including When Brendan Met Trudy and the Oscar nominated short film New Boy. EXTRAINFO

Community Service     |    Jonny O’Neill 0 series .1 episode(s)

Daniel Mays stars in a bittersweet drama about a first-time offender’s day in court. EXTRAINFO

Company of Wolves, The     |    Angela Carter 0 series .1 episode(s)

(Based on Little Red Riding Hood) A girl meets an apparently charming young man whilst wandering through the forest towards her grandmother’s house. She arrives at her grandmother’s home, unaware that the same young man has got there before her and killed her grandmother. The young man, who is really a wolf in disguise, instructs her to remove and burn her garments one by one as she makes remarks reminiscent of those in the classic fairy tale. EXTRAINFO

Complete Ripley, The     |    Patricia Highsmith 0 series .1 episode(s)

A series of plays based on the novels by Patricia Highsmith about the suave and amoral Tom Ripley. EXTRAINFO

Conan Doylea and the Edalji Case     |    Roy Apps 0 series .1 episode(s)

It was a moment straight out of a Sherlock Holmes novel. In January of 1907 Conan Doyle walked into the lobby of a hotel. He was to meet with a man who was trying to clear his name. As Conan Doyle entered the lobby he spotted the man he was looking for, George Edalji. In a flash Conan Doyle knew that Edalji was innocent of the crime for which he’d served three years in prison. EXTRAINFO

Conclave     |    Hugh Costello 0 series .1 episode(s)

(The sequel to ‘The Last Confession’). Gripping drama by Hugh Costello. After the short reign and mysterious death of Pope John Paul I, the election of a new Pope takes place in an atmosphere of high tension between opposing factions within the Vatican, including those who want to elect the first non-Italian Pope for over four hundred years. EXTRAINFO

Confessions of a Medium     |    A.l. Kennedy 0 series .1 episode(s)

Dark comedy by AL Kennedy and with Bill Nighy, set in 1870s London and based on a true story. Mr Parker is a sincere and kind man who, in search of a higher meaning to life, has moved from conventional religion to seances and spiritualism. He believes he has met his saviour in the guise of Mr Thomson, a charming, erudite and utterly mesmerising medium. But, unbeknown to Parker, Thomson is a complete and utter fake. EXTRAINFO

Confessions of an English Opium-Eater     |    Thomas De Quincey 0 series .1 episode(s)

Dramatisation of Thomas De Quincey’s 1821 autobiographical account of his consumption of the liquid opiate laudanum, a legal painkiller of the time, and his painful and surreal descent into addiction. EXTRAINFO

Confidential Agent, The     |    Graham Greene 0 series .1 episode(s)

Graham Greene’s masterful tale of suspense. When Edgar Dominguez is sent to England on a mission to arrange a supply of coal for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War it seems a straightforward business negotiation; but no sooner does he set foot on English soil than he finds himself a hunted man, with seemingly no one he can trust and implicated in murder. EXTRAINFO

Conflict is Over, The     |    Michael Eaton 0 series .1 episode(s)

Dramatisation by Michael Eaton of the events that led to the signing of the Downing Street Declaration in December 1993 and the subsequent IRA ceasefire in August 1994, told through the relationship between John Major and Albert Reynolds. EXTRAINFO

Conrad and Eleanor     |    Jane Rogers 0 series .1 episode(s)

Jane Rogers’ examination of a marriage, sparked when a husband fails to return from a conference abroad. EXTRAINFO

Conspiracy of the Illuminati, The     |    Nigel Baldwin 0 series .1 episode(s)

A historical mystery set in Arras in the lead up to the French Revolution, looking into the suggestion that the Bavarian Order of the Illuminati were behind some of the key figures of the time. EXTRAINFO

Contingency Plan, The     |    Steve Waters 0 series .1 episode(s)

A powerful version of the play originally staged at The Bush Theatre in London, addressing the subject of climate change. As Britain faces unprecedented and catastrophic floods, government and scientists argue over what action to take. A young glaciologist arrives in Whitehall determined to convince the powers that be of the importance of immediate action. But he is also bent on avenging his father, a scientist whose views were discredited a generation ago. EXTRAINFO

Continuity Man, The     |    Stephen Keyworth 0 series .1 episode(s)

A new comedy by Stephen Keyworth. Starring EastEnders’ Nitin Ganatra as himself. Nitin Ganatra is fed up with playing the ‘good family man’ Masood. He feels there is more to him as an actor than playing the nice guy, the good husband. On the advice of his agent, Crawford Bunch, he sets about making his profile a little more ‘edgy’ in order to convince Hollywood producers that he really has what it takes to play the baddie. But unfortunately Nitin is just too nice. And he get’s more than he bargained for when he finds himself head to head with ‘The Continuity Man’. A comedy about getting yourself into deep water and trying to find your way out again. EXTRAINFO

Contraband     |    John Fletcher 0 series .1 episode(s)

The year is 1725. Captain Reynolds commands a small troop of Hussars patrolling the Somerset coast on the look-out for smugglers. One night they come across a party of coastguards slaughtered, seemingly, by the gang of local nob and notorious smuggler Hobaday Smith. Reynolds searches Smith’s house, and in the cellar finds … Queen Ibanda, ‘a great, black, African warrioress’. Reynolds takes the Queen to Frome, where he receives orders not to pursue Smith and his gang, but instead to escort Queen Ibanda to London. There follows a tale of murder, revenge, smuggling, skulduggery and political intrigue in a London run by Britain’s first and most corrupt Prime Minister EXTRAINFO

Coram Boy     |    Jamila Gavin’ 0 series .1 episode(s)

Coram Boy is the story of Toby, saved from an African ship as a child, and Aaron, the illegitimate son of the heir to a great estate. The two boys’ lives are linked by the Coram Man, a shady figure who collects abandoned and unwanted children from across the country, supposedly to deliver them to a safe new life at the Coram Hospital in London. In reality, however, the unscrupulous man sells the unfortunate children into slavery, or ‘disposes’ of them if they are of no use to him. Soon, Toby and Aaron find themselves bound together in an epic journey, fraught with danger and excitement. Rich with historical detail, this enthralling, moving and sometimes deeply distressing novel provides an important and thought-provoking insight into 1750s society. Packing a powerful punch, it is a tense tale full of twists and turns, and was a deserving winner of the Whitbread Children’s Book Award. EXTRAINFO

Cordite for Breakfast     |    Ben Ockrent 0 series .1 episode(s)

In Ben Ockrent’s comedy-drama, a family hit crisis point during a re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo. With Mark Heap, Rose Leslie and Aimee Ffion-Edwards. EXTRAINFO

Core, The     |    Mike Bartlett 0 series .1 episode(s)

Carly is a bright thirteen year old who goes to the Coalforth School in Berkshire. The school has not being doing well, but it has just recruited Sarah Parkinson, a new head with energy and vision. Exploring the hot topic of education The Core is about the impact of current policies on those going through the system. We follow Carly and Sarah into the future and it’s not what we, or they, expect. EXTRAINFO

Corrupted, The     |    G.F. Newman 0 series .1 episode(s)

A new long-running drama series from G F Newman based on the characters from the multi-award winning writer’s best-selling crime novel. Spanning six decades, it plots the course of one family against the backdrop of a revolution in crime as the underworld extends its influence to the very heart of the establishment, in an uncomfortable relationship of shared values. Joey Oldman is a Russian Jew, who arrived in Britain before the war with only two words of English and married Cathy Braden. They had a son, Brian, and a daughter, Rose. Cathy’s widowed mother, Gracie, takes up with a famous and glamorous gangster, Billy Hill, while her brother Jack wants to become World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Both the army and the Kray twins interfere with this ambition. Jack is left feeling bitter and angry and plunges headlong into crime, running protection rackets and claiming a piece of other criminals’ sometimes infamous pies. His actions become ever more savage and bizarre and harder to reconcile. Haunted by the murder of his grandfather which he witnessed when he was six, Brian Oldman holds a terrible secret that he must keep for fear of his life as he falls deeper under his mother’s spell. But there is a more disturbing secret he has yet to discover – one that will threaten his very existence. All the while he becomes a willing participant in the criminal underworld in the 1950s, where gangs such as the Krays and the Richardson are emerging to challenge the old guard in savage battles for territory. EXTRAINFO

Cotswold Order, The     |    Robin Brooks 0 series .1 episode(s)

A lascivious country rogue fed up with austere chapel services starts his own religion. EXTRAINFO

Cottonopolis     |    Nick Leather 0 series .1 episode(s)

Cottonopolis follows local Manchester Evening News journalist Gemma Hayes, as she uncovers the truth behind the disappearances of women in Manchester; one of whom was an old school friend. Five linked stories explore the drastic consequences of what happens to individuals when fear of the unknown changes their behaviour. EXTRAINFO

Count of Monte Cristo, The     |    Alexandre Dumas 0 series .1 episode(s)

Dashing young sailor Edmond Dantes is a guileless and honest man, whose peaceful life and plans to marry the beautiful Mercedes are abruptly shattered… Dashing young sailor Edmond Dantes is a guileless and honest man, whose peaceful life and plans to marry the beautiful Mercedes are abruptly shattered when his best friend Fernand, who wants Mercedes for himself, deceives him. Set up to be unlawfully sentenced to the infamous island prison of Chateau D’If, Edmond is trapped in a nightmare that lasts for thirteen years. EXTRAINFO

Cracks, The     |    Rob Evans 0 series .1 episode(s)

Two worlds collide in a dark drama set in the heart of Soho’s gay scene. Michael’s a teenager who feels like his life’s about to begin. He’s travelling from Leeds to London for a date with a guy he’s met online. David’s a forty year-old man who feels like he might be over the hill. When his partner announces he’s leaving, David’s life finally caves in. Michael and David’s worlds are about to collide as each wanders Soho on a quest that will change them forever. EXTRAINFO

Craddock and Co     |    Chris Thompson 0 series .1 episode(s)

A violent burglary leads Victorian detective Charles Craddock to a sinister rendezvous. Lucy Greenwood travels from Lancashire to London to work with her uncle Charles at his London book shop – but soon discovers he has another profession as a private investigator. EXTRAINFO

Craven     |    Amelia Bullmore 0 series .1 episode(s)

DCI Sue Craven’s new job starts with a new partner, DS Watende Robinson, and a burnt-out corpse. But before the day is out her secret past starts to become a professional problem that isn’t going to go away.EXTRAINFO

Craving For Gold, A     |    John Naismith 0 series .1 episode(s)

Eddie Manson returns to London from Australia and is soon brought into the race to find the loot from a big heist that his father had been involved in. Martin Jarvis as a hard-boiled detective with a Strine accent. EXTRAINFO

Credit Card Baby     |    Annie Caulfield 0 series .1 episode(s)

Sally sometimes wonders if she has inadvertently put a spell on Sean, the kind, diligent man who has made her life so suddenly and unexpectedly great. But she’s five years older than his forty, and he wants to be a father. It took them so long to find each other, and now she’s worried she’s going to let him down over something so significant: a baby. The only option, according to their pompous, God-like gynaecologist, is to try using a donor egg from a Spanish clinic, where donors and eggs are plentiful. The Spanish egg belongs to Ines, who understands the need for children. She and her husband Rai are suffering from Spain’s economic troubles and selling her DNA seems like a solution. But she also has a generous spirit. Annie Caulfield’s drama parallels these two women’s thoughts and experiences: they never meet but are closely bound together. Funny, poignant and true. EXTRAINFO

Crime and Punishment     |    Fyodor Dostoevsky 0 series .1 episode(s)

Fyodor Dostoevsky’s romantic thriller about guilt and redemption. Raskolnikov, a destitute and desperate former student, wanders through the slums of St Petersburg and commits a random murder without remorse or regret. He imagines himself to be a great man, a Napoleon: acting for a higher purpose beyond conventional moral law. But as he embarks on a dangerous game of cat and mouse with Porfiry, a suspicious detective, Raskolnikov is pursued by the growing voice of his conscience and finds the noose of his own guilt tightening around his neck. Only Sonya, a downtrodden prostitute, can offer the chance of redemption. As the ensuing investigation and trial reveal the true identity of the murderer, Dostoyevsky’s dark masterpiece evokes a world where the lines between innocence and corruption, good and evil, blur and everyone’s faith in humanity is tested. EXTRAINFO

Crime and Trial Rage on the Road     |    John Taylor 0 series .1 episode(s)

Documentary drama by John Taylor investigating the complex anatomy of a crime and trial. The headlines were dramatic: a desperate car chase along winding country lanes, a vicious attack on two innocent lovers and the brutal murder of a young man. But it soon became apparent that the killing of Lee Harvey outside Keeper’s Cottage was an incident even more astonishing than it first appeared. EXTRAINFO

Crippen     |    William Ingram 0 series .1 episode(s)

Adapted from Dr Crippens’s Diary by Emlyn Williams. In 1910 Dr Crippen was hanged for the murder of his wife – but what really happened on the night she died? EXTRAINFO

Crisis     |    Tina Pepler 0 series .1 episode(s)

Martha joins an international aid organisation facing a humanitarian crisis. Written by Tina Pepler. Stars Clare Corbett. EXTRAINFO

Crossing the Dark Sea     |    Michael Symmons Roberts 0 series .1 episode(s)

An eyewitness the night before the D-Day landings described the sea as black with boats. The voice of this programme is that of an ordinary soldier on one of those boats. Christopher Eccleston plays Alec, a young British soldier destined for France and for war. Katherine Jenkins (mezzo) sings the voice of his sweetheart, Sian, in a poetic response to the day’s events. EXTRAINFO

Crossing, The     |    Hugh Costello 0 series .1 episode(s)

It’s 2019 and following the UK’s exit from the EU, the prime minister is pressurised to seal the nation’s frontiers, including the land border shared with the Irish Republic. Immigration and customs posts reappear for the first time since the Good Friday Agreement. At the point where inland waterways north and south meet, security services search boats and inspect passports. Cross border cooperation is a thing of the past. Conor Glynn, 22, helps his parents run river cruises along the river Shannon and into Lough Erne. But Conor will soon be forced to move away for work, because the family business has fallen victim to political circumstance. Conor, realising the financial predicament his parents will be in, decides to take one crazy but lucrative risk. He agrees to carry an unusual cargo across the river border and into the UK. Conor is stopped and searched by border security. They find three Eastern European migrants hiding on his boat. Conor is arrested. He faces a jail sentence. The PM arrives in Ulster to inspect new border facilities and has a secret meeting with the Irish Taoiseach. The Taoiseach is alarmed at how rapidly border security has been restored to its Troubles-era level. Even locals have to queue up and show their passports. In protest, his coalition partners in Dublin, Sinn Féin, are joining their Stormont colleagues in boycotting all Anglo-Irish institutions that grew out of the Good Friday Agreement. The peace process is in danger. EXTRAINFO

Crosswords     |    Jim Eldridge 0 series .1 episode(s)

Lonely widower Stephen Cross compiles crosswords for his local paper. His life is changed forever when he meets Penny Harrison. EXTRAINFO

Crowded Street, The     |    Winifred Holt 0 series .1 episode(s)

Muriel unwittingly disgraces herself at her first party and then has to face the harsh reality of boarding school. Life brightens, however, when she befriends the exotic and beautiful Clare Duquesne. EXTRAINFO

Cruel Sea, The     |    Nicholas Monsarrat 0 series .1 episode(s)

The Cruel Sea is the story of the crew of a newly commissioned corvette, Compass Rose, a ship that forms part of the escort to merchant convoys during World War II. The crew are mostly inexperienced men from non-naval backgrounds and the story focuses on their differing reactions to the horrifying experiences they have as German U-boats attack their convoys with increasing success. Some will survive the war, and some won’t – but all of them will be changed by their experiences. But this isn’t just a war story. In a surprisingly subtle way, The Cruel Sea also chronicles the often abrasive process by which classes, previously unknown to each other, were thrown together on board ship and had to learn to rub along – and how the earned respect, in the long term, led to the future Welfare State and the social equity and cooperation of the 50’s and 60’s. The novel, published in 1951, was an immediate success and it has never been out of print since. It brings home the realities of the longest battle in the second world war, the Battle for the Atlantic, but it does so not through harrowing depiction of the horrors involved, but through its detailed depiction the people involved, people we come to care about, to admire, and to mourn. EXTRAINFO

Crusader Chronicles, The     |    Chris Lang, Andy Taylor, Simon Greenall 0 series .1 episode(s)

The year 1153. The armies of the Christian West have delivered Jeruselem from the infidel. In a humble English monastary the chronicler of the first great crusade lies dying. This is the story of that man’s life. The rambling stories of a set of completely incompetent, untrustworthy knights who, due to a bungled ruse, find themselves setting sail to help free the Holy Land and can’t get back home fast enough. EXTRAINFO

Cry Hungary     |    Paul Viragh 0 series .1 episode(s)

In October 1956, thousands of Hungarians rise up against the oppressive Soviet-backed government. Peter, a chosen son of the working classes, arrives in Budapest to study at the university. He falls in love with Eva, a committed communist. When Peter becomes involved in the demonstrations, Eva finds her loyalties severely tested. EXTRAINFO

Cry of the Owl, The     |    Patricia Highsmith 0 series .1 episode(s)

Robert Forester, a troubled young man, retreats from the big city and his oppresive ex-wife for the tranquility of a small town. He is drawn into a relationship with a young woman whose boyfriend goes missing, leaving the new arrival as a suspect. EXTRAINFO

Cuban Heel, The     |    Martin Sorrell 0 series .1 episode(s)

A maverick bus driver’s attitude starts to annoy the passengers on an over-heated tourist bus in Spain. Stars Andrew Sachs. EXTRAINFO

Curious If True – The Squires Story     |    Elizabeth Gaskell 0 series .1 episode(s)

A collection of five dark Victorian tales of suspense, horror, mood and mystery by Elizabeth Gaskell, published variously between 1852 and 1861. EXTRAINFO

Custom of the Country, The     |    Edith Wharton 0 series .1 episode(s)

The Spraggs, a family of Westerners from the fictional city of Apex who have made money through shady financial dealings, arrive in New York City at the prompting of their daughter Undine who is dissatisfied with their station. For a while Undine struggles to enter the top echelons of society. She finally succeeds at this by marrying Ralph Marvell, a member of an old upper-class New York family. Before her wedding, Undine encounters an acquaintance from Apex named Elmer Moffatt, and begs him not to do anything that will endanger her wedding to Ralph; Elmer agrees. EXTRAINFO

Cuttin It     |    Charlene James 0 series .1 episode(s)

Two Somali teenagers, Muna and Iqra, go to the same school. They are from the same place but they are strangers; strangers who share a secret embedded in their culture. EXTRAINFO

Cyrano de Bergerac     |    Edmond Rostand 0 series .1 episode(s)

Translated from the French by Anthony Burgess. Set in 17th century France, Rostand’s play features the eponymous poet-swordsman with a misshapen nose who falls in love with the beautiful Roxane. She loves the dashing Gascon soldier Christian de Neuvillette and Cyrano finds himself writing love poems on his behalf. EXTRAINFO