Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors    |   Clara Glynn 3 series . 9 episode(s)

Series of three legal dramas by Clara Glynn, featuring London barrister Rebecca Nyman.

Series 1

One of the Lads. By Clara Glynn. Did sexist bullying drive a high flying police woman out of her job? An employment tribunal has to decide if she was treated unfairly. Claire Rushbrook stars as barrister Rebecca Nyman and Susie Riddell as former Chief Inspector Suzy Andrews. One Of The Lads is set at an employment tribunal. Suzy, ferociously bright and driven, rose rapidly through the ranks in the male-dominated Metropolitan Police. Over the years she didn’t just cope with the situation – she thrived on it. But after a move to East Yorkshire Police her career went into a downward spiral. Suzy claims sexist bullying drove her out of the job she loved. Claire Rushbrook stars as London barrister Rebecca Nyman fighting Susie’s case at the Employment Tribunal. Susie Riddell stars as former Chief Inspector Suzy Andrews.
Tilting the Odds. An equine vet’s career is in jeopardy as he faces a disciplinary hearing for serious professional misconduct. Will his barrister Rebecca Nyman, played by Claire Rushbrook, be able to mount a credible defence? Gunnar Cauthery stars as the vet Falco Hermans. Tilting The Odds is set at a Fitness to Practice hearing at the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Falco Hermans is a vet in his thirties. Since qualifying he’s built up a successful and lucrative practice as an equine vet in the racing town of Newmarket. He’s got a big mortgage and three small children. He’s facing a disciplinary hearing on several counts of misconduct. If he is struck off he faces financial ruin and disgrace in the racing community and in his home town.
Safe House. Is Akmed Hammen a potential danger to society? With his movement and activities severely restricted under a Home Office curfew, Akmed fights to clear his name and resume normal family life. Barrister Rebecca Nyman takes on the role of a Special Advocate to plead Akmed’s case at a Closed Material Procedure hearing. Claire Rushbrook stars as London barrister Rebecca Nyman and Amerjit Deu stars as Akmed Hammen. Safe House is set at a Closed Material Procedure hearing. The drama takes us inside the secretive legal world of counter-terrorism. Akmed is suspected of being a terrorist. He has not committed a crime, but the Security Services say they have substantial reasons for believing that he represents a clear and present danger. They have put him on a TPIM – the Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measure, which puts him under a curfew and involves other restrictions on his activities. At the hearing his Barrister – Rebecca Nyman – is challenging the TPIM.

Series 2

A Bad Night Out. Following a drunken altercation in a town centre a man has been arrested and held in police custody overnight. But the events of that night are disputed and the case explores whether the police acted improperly and gave evidence that was not entirely accurate. Is there a case for paying compensation?
Excluded. Thirteen year-old Cassius Young has been excluded from his Academy school in Croyden. He has been accused of bringing a knife onto the premises and persistently breaking school rules. This drama takes us into a ‘School Exclusion Hearing’ where the school governors hear testimony from Cassius, his mother, the headmaster and other staff. The school will decide whether the exclusion should be permanent. Rebecca represents Cassius at the hearing. and Catastrophic Injury
Catastrophic Injury. Jane Gibson is fighting for compensation from an NHS Hospital, claiming that because of negligence by the midwife during childbirth her baby was born with Cerebral Palsy. Set in court, Rebecca Nyman is representing the hospital in what is an emotionally charged hearing for both sides. The compensation award is crucial for the mother to offset the additional costs she will have to ensure the best care for her son.

Series 3

Contact. Set in the Family Courts where Harry, a sperm donor, is trying to get a court order to allow him to see ‘his’ daughter. Barrister Rebecca Nyman is representing Beth – the mother – who is now in a lesbian relationship and would prefer Harry to keep his distance.
Harry offered to donate sperm so his lesbian friend and work colleague, Beth, could have a baby. After the birth Harry visited Beth and got to know baby Molly. For a time Beth was happy for Harry to visit but she never intended to have a relationship with him or for him to become involved with Molly as a father. Things went from bad to worse when Beth formed a relationship with Melanie and Harry felt he was completely excluded from seeing Molly. Now a judge has to decide whether Harry should have any contact rights.
Section. Barrister Rebecca Nyman is representing a client at a Mental Health Tribunal. Andrew has been in a High Security Mental Hospital for seven years, now he thinks he’s fit to be released. But will the Tribunal agree?
Protection. Set at the Court of Protection. Mary has been in a Minimally Conscious State for over three years following a road accident. Barrister Rebecca Nyman is representing her husband who feels it is time to allow his wife to die.