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A Warning to the Furious-2A Warning to the Furious. By Robin Brooks. A feminist film-maker and her crew visit the Suffolk coast to make a documentary about ghost story writer MR James. They hope to discover how an outwardly respectable bachelor could produce such disturbing horrors. 

Whisky Galore-2Whisky Galore. By Compton Mackenzie. A whisky drought blights the Hebridean islands. Until an opportune shipwreck comes to their rescue. 

A Dangerous Thing-2A Dangerous Thing. By John Sessions. May 1744: Alexander Pope is on his deathbed in Twickenham; Jonathan Swift is losing his wits in Dublin. The two friends have not seen each other in 17 years, although each is very much on the other’s mind. In his final hours, Pope talks to his emotional and intellectual soulmate, Martha ‘Pattie’ Blount, about his relationship with Swift and the events that have conspired to keep the two friends apart for most of their lives. He also recalls Swift’s last visit to London, when an unexpected encounter with a young burglar put the divergent philosophies of the two friends to the test.

A Killing-2A Killing. By Mike Walker. A story about the excitement of making money in industrial quantities – a gladiatorial world in which only the fittest survive. Ewen, Meredith, Tim and Harry are four, sassy, thirty-something traders who, tired of making money for others, combine to launch an aggressive new Hedge Fund. Hopes are high for the group’s philosophy is to play it straight, with minimal risk, and to remain realistic in ambition. But impatience and a sense that others are stealing a march on them encourages two of the four, Ewen and Meredith, to break ranks and take a very big and very stupid risk. They quickly make a massive and very noticeable profit – a fact not lost on the Regulator, nor on Tim and Harry, the other partners who are aggrieved that the entire enterprise has been compromised by their greed and arrogance. But Ewen’s obsession with Meredith, and her determination to succeed, have upset some very major players in the City. They may ride out this particular storm but there is more trouble ahead. And as an indicator of just how bad things might get, Ewen gets himself arrested. 

3000-23000. By Anna Symon. Fact-based dramatisation of the experiences of one of the 3,000 unaccompanied displaced children who arrive in the UK every year: that of Mehrab, an Afghan boy who arrives in London in the back of a truck aged 15. 

A Home of Their OwnA Home of Their Own. By Martyn Wade. Kenneth is determined that the only way to remove his children from the far-too-comfortable family nest is to seriously downgrade the size of it. But, when he moves them to a much smaller place, the lack of space is not the only problem. He and his wife encounter a number of ‘visitors’ that the previous owner had forgotten to tell them about. In fact, she had failed to tell them that she was moving at all… 

Another Shakespeare-2Another Shakespeare. Comedy by Martyn Wade, based on the real-life story of an 18th-century forger. In order to convince his father that he has great literary skills, the forger provides him with a number of Shakespearean documents, including an exciting new and undiscovered play.

Act of Union of 1707-2The Birth of Britain. Allan Little presents George Rosie’s dramatised account of the wheeling and dealing which led to the Act of Union of 1707, which merged the parliaments of England and Scotland. He’s on the spot, with Daniel Defoe as his guide, and in a tale of spying, bribery, corruption, military threat, economic bullying, financial disaster, great optimism and fiercely argued negotiation, he overhears the deals done in London coffee houses and the spin doctoring in Edinburgh inns which resulted in the Union and the beginning of the country we now call Britain. With John Sessions as Daniel Defoe. 

A Dose of Fame-2A Dose of Fame. By Stephen Wakelam. In the final stages of writing Howards End, and nervous of success, E.M. Forster grapples with a mysterious death, his own sexuality and the seed of an idea for his next novel Maurice.  

A Family Affair-2A Family Affair. By Michael Dobbs. On 22nd November 1990, following dissention in the Conservative ranks and an equivocal leadership ballot, Margaret Thatcher made the dramatic decision to offer her resignation as prime minister. Michael Dobbs’ play follows Thatcher’s last traumatic days in power, seen from the perspective of her husband, Denis, and her family. 

A Hit To The Heart-2A Hit To The Heart. By Rachel Joyce. The man with everything finds his perfect world blown apart when his daughter is linked to an act of terrorism.  

A House To Let-2A House To Let. By Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell. Distressed by an unsettling sign of life in a derelict house across from her new London residence, Sophonisba relies on the competitive efforts of an elderly admirer and her manservant to unravel its secrets. Victorian tale of a woman and an unsettling sign of life in a derelict house. An eminent Victorian writing trio’s tale of a woman and an unsettling sign of life in a derelict house. 

A Second Life.-2A Second Life. Comic drama by Adam Beeson, adapted from a short story by the 19th-century Brazilian writer Machado de Assis. Anxious to avoid all the mistakes in his life, a man appeals to Heaven to allow him to be born again with ‘experience’. But in his second life this precious knowledge proves no use at all.  

A Shadow of Doubt-2A Shadow of Doubt. By Eleanor Fossey. Join us for the mystery of John ‘Babbacombe’ Lee. Did he murder his Torquay employer or didn’t he? Join us for the radio play of the story of John ‘Babbacombe’ Lee, who became known as ‘the man they couldn’t hang’. Did he murder his employer, Miss Keyse, or didn’t he? And why did the gallows fail three times? Mystery has surrounded John Lee since 1884. Now his story can be heard.  

A Vital Flaw-1A Vital Flaw. By Neville Watchurst. A German doctor’s dilemma as his wartime patient Heinrich Himmler grows dependent on him.  

A Whistle In The Dark.-2A Whistle in the Dark. By Tom Murphy. This powerful modern classic play is set in the early 1960s and centres on the reunion of an Irish family in Coventry. Michael Carney, with the help of his English wife, Betty, is putting up his brothers Harry, Iggy and Hugo in his house. When Dada arrives from Ireland with Des, the youngest brother, it has devastating consequences for all of them.  

Septimus Greabe.-2Septimus Greabe. By Mike Harris. In the early 19th century, the Society for the Suppression of Vice, inspired by William Wilberforce, would stop at nothing in their efforts to stamp out sin and corruption – even if this meant employing the most unscrupulous of characters to carry out their good work.  

After The Accident-2After The Accident. By Julian Armitstead. A couple’s young daughter is killed in a head-on car crash. Four years later the parents summon the courage to meet the young lad responsible.

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