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Fahrheit 451-1-1Fahrenheit 451. David Calcutt’s dramatisation of Ray Bradbury’s classic story of a world ruled by a vast multimedia corporation, in which firemen are employed not to fight fires but to burn books. This recording is from 1982.

Bradbury 13-1-1Bradbury 13. A series of thirteen stories written by and introduced by Ray Bradbury.

The Ravine. A small town serial strangler is stalking women, but Lavinia Nibbs refuses to let him spoil her night out.
Night Call, Collect. A lone survivor on Mars has waited a lifetime for rescue. Finally at age 80, his phone rings.
The Veldt. Wealthy parents worry when their holographic nursery will only show an African plain filled with savage lions.
There Was An Old Woman. Five men with a wicker basket arrive at Tildy’s house, but not to do her shopping.
Kaleidoscope. The aftermath of a disaster in space. Can there be beauty in dying?
Dark They Were and Golden Eyed. The Bittering family aim to make the best of life on Mars.
The Screaming Woman. Has little Margaret stumbled on a murder? Why should anyone believe ten year old Margaret’s claim to hearing screams from beneath the ground?
A Sound of Thunder. A safari into the prehistoric past sparks unexpected results.
The Man. While Captain Hart and his crew may have been the first Earthlings to reach the distant planet, someone had arrived the day before, someone who made Hart’s escapade insignificant.
The Wind. The mounting wind proves to be an enemy for one man.
The Fox and the Forest. A time trip back to 1938 Mexico, escaping from the horrors of war in the twenty-second century.
Here Be Tygers. The beautiful planet seduced the space voyagers to its surface…but to serve them or destroy them?
The Happiness Machine. An inventor’s machine is guaranteed to make everyone happy – except his wife.

Deep Six.-1-1Deep Six. By John Fletcher. A secret government agent gets set up for the murder of a radical newspaper editor. This recording is from 1984.

A Piece Of Justice.-1-1A Piece of Justice. Dramatised by Neville Teller from the novel by Jill Paton Walsh. Biography is usually a safe profession. Even rather sedate. But more than one biographer has found that writing about the late great mathematician Gideon Summerfield leads to a hasty retreat. Or something more deadly…

A Visitation-1-1A Visitation. By Don Taylor. Victor is ashamed of an event in his past life. But when that event takes human form, he is forced to re-examine everything – even his shame.

Alesta's Hill-1-1Alesta’s Hill. By Cherry Cookson. A young couple, David and Anna, have been left a cottage in the countryside. To get to the cottage they must drive up the sinister Alesta’s Hill. This recording is from 1978.

43 Years In The Third Form-1-143 Years in the Third Form. By Jane Purcell. A celebration of the great girls’ comics from the 1950s to the 80s.

In 1952 12-year-old Elizabeth is trying to read Girl in the midst of family mayhem.
In 1968 Elizabeth is taking her 12-year-old daughter Bee to an interview for a scholarship, if she can only persuade her to take her nose out of Bunty.
In 1976 Elizabeth’s sister-in-law Mary is coping with a mass onset of puberty, helped only by the advice in Jackie.
In 1979 on election night, Mary is out on a date. Her twins Lily and Tam are scaring themselves silly with the stories in Misty.
In 2007 Elizabeth and her daughter and granddaughter are clearing out the old house. 12-year-old Lara, devotee of Sleb magazine and the mobile phone, discovers the vintage delights of Girl and Bunty.

The Magician's Daughter-1-1The Magician’s Daughter. Comedy drama by Adam Beeson, set in 19th-century Europe. A celebrated magician is shot on stage. With his dying breaths, he passes on the secrets of his spectacular act to his daughter. Fearing pursuit by jealous rivals, she disappears.

A Question Of Proof-1-1A Question of Proof. By Nicholas Blake. Dramatised by Michael Bakewell. Nobody liked the headmaster’s nephew, but surely no one would actually murder him?

Arsenic and Old Lace-1-1Arsenic and Old Lace. By Joseph Kesselring. The Brewster sisters are kind and generous old ladies, so it’s a shock to their nephew Mortimer to discover that they poison lonely old men with arsenic-laced elderberry wine. This recording is from 1971.

The Third Man-1-1The Third Man. By Graham Greene, starring Kelsey Grammer and John Mahoney. Somewhere in shadowy post-war Vienna, where everyone has something to sell on the black market, lurks “the third man,” who witnessed the murder of Harry Lime. The police don’t care to investigate, but novelist Holly Martins is haunted by the death of his friend, and his search for the killer makes for electrifying drama.

There are two versions of The Third Man available:
V1: Saturday Night Theare from 1971 starring Ed Bishop.
V2: (R) Samuel West reads the classic Graham Greene novella.

Change Of Heart-1-1Change of Heart. By Robin Kelly. Tom cryogenically freezes his girlfriend when she is run down by a drunk driver. But when he reanimates her with the gift of a new heart, the woman that comes back to life is not the same woman he fell in love with.

Death of an Ugly Sister-1Death of an Ugly Sister. By John Peacock. A very dark comedy of pantomime, serial murder, crack addiction and secret gay sex…….

The Young Ornithologists Guide-1-1The Young Ornithologist’s Guide. By Jyll Bradley. Matilda prefers birdsong to conversation, then she sees something she shouldn’t. An ornithological detective story.

Old School Ties-1-1Old School Ties. By Sue Eckstein. Stand-up comedian Kit Nichols likes to satirise his boarding school experiences, but his past takes on a different light when he reads the obituary of an old school friend. Feeling guilty at having lost touch, Kit decides to confront the man who he believes is responsible for his friend’s unexpected death.

Playing With Dracula-1-1Playing with Dracula. By Nick Fisher. When Byron Redgrave joins an amateur group specialising in making horror movies, he seems just a little too anxious to get his teeth into things.

The Killing Of Sister George-1-1The Killing of Sister George. John Tydeman’s adaptation of the stage play by Frank Marcus. The audience ratings for the popular daily serial Applehurst are on the slide. Will the leading character have to be sacrificed to save the show?

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