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Confessions of a Medium.-1-1Confessions of a Medium. Dark comedy by AL Kennedy and with Bill Nighy, set in 1870s London and based on a true story. Mr Parker is a sincere and kind man who, in search of a higher meaning to life, has moved from conventional religion to seances and spiritualism. He believes he has met his saviour in the guise of Mr Thomson, a charming, erudite and utterly mesmerising medium. But, unbeknown to Parker, Thomson is a complete and utter fake.

The Interrogation_-1The Interrogation. By Roy Williams. The Interrogation comprises three hard-hitting contemporary crime stories that probe some of today’s most complex moral issues.This is the first of three plays featuring Kenneth Cranham and Alex Lanipekun as two police officers from different worlds, whose grudging friendship develops as they discover that together they make a formidable team. Roy Williams is an award-winning English playwright, and is considered one of the most astute and talented chroniclers of his time. Williams has many awards including the George Devine Award for Lift Off, the 2001 Evening Standard Award for Most Promising Playwright for his play Clubland, the 2002 BAFTA for Best Schools Drama for Offside and 2004 South Bank Show Arts Council Decibel Award. His most recent play Sucker Punch was nominated for the Evening Standard Award for Best New Play and the Olivier Award for Best New Play 2011, and is currently playing in Washington DC. He was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in the 2008 Birthday Honours.

The story of Rod, a Premier League footballer accused of rape, who discovers his skill, wealth and fame make no odds in a police station.
The story of Jermaine, a ruthless and amoral young gang member, who Max and Sean find disturbingly keen to confess.
The story of Sarah, married into a racist family, who has been holding out against their influence for years.

The Sensitive-1The Sensitive. Offbeat thriller by Alastair Jessiman. Police call in a psychic to help find a missing woman. Thomas Soutar is adept at solving crimes – but is his extraordinary gift a blessing or a curse?
The Hanged Man. Thomas Soutar discovers some unsettling connections between his own uncle’s past and the murder of a young boy.
A Possession. When Thomas Soutar agrees to help in the search for a music student who has been missing for a year, he becomes obsessed by the missing girl in ways that he had not expected.
A Nobody. Thomas suffers a crisis of confidence when he is asked to investigate a potential serial killer. An old girlfriend, Kat, persuades him to take a break, but when they drive north for a few days, Thomas soon becomes convinced that they are being followed.
A Casualty of War. Thomas’s mother has been forced to close her guest house due to emergency building work. An old friend, retired hotelier Jack Cameron, offers her the use of his guest house, now lying empty. Reluctant to allow his mother to stay in the house alone Thomas persuades his girlfriend Kat to stay with them. Soon tensions become evident between Kat, Thomas and his mother. The house sits on a hill, isolated, cold and gloomy. Thomas senses a malignant presence – and he hears an old woman calling out for help. Even Kat detects a strange atmosphere, and one night Thomas’s mother is sure she sees a face in her bedroom mirror. Thomas confesses to Kat that he’s been fascinated by the “house on the hill” and its owner – ever since he discovered that Jack’s mother had disappeared from here without a trace in 1945.
The Protector. Thomas Soutar is asked to investigate the disappearance of a family friend. It’s believed the missing man may have committed suicide. The voices in Thomas’s head suggest a different explanation – but before he can solve the mystery he’s shocked by a revelation about a secret hidden deep in his own past.

Gods Revolution-1-1God’s Revolution. By Don Taylor. English Civil War drama with Graham Blockey, Deborah Makepeace, Nigel Anthony, Kim Wall, Eric Allen, Christian Rodska, Bernard Hepton.

The Fruits of Victory. 1647 – unrest mounts as the Presbyterian government decides to disband the army.
The Soldiers’ Voice. 1647 – Parliament gets tough on army dissenters – but how will Cromwell react?
Insurrection. Provoked by Parliament – the resolute army aim to get higher ranks on their side.
Summer Manoeuvres. 1674 – A spontaneous revolution in army ranks sees troops heading towards London.
The Power of the Sword. The Model Army easily reaches London, but with sinking confidence in Cromwell.
Discussions at Putney. 1647 – The Model Army attempt to bring Cromwell round to their way of thinking.
The Logic of Events. Major Francis White seeks peace with his father before heading into battle.
The Disciplines of the War. Reynolds and Church see some unexpected faces in the midst of battle.
The Man of Blood. Opposition mounts against the King – but is there enough support to depose him?
England’s New Chains. Will the execution of King Charles I bring the army its longed for freedom?
The Sea Green Banner. 1649 – The soldiers’ discontent with their leaders rises – and London women get marching.
For the Agreement of the Sword. 1649 – Cromwell is determined to foil the soldiers’ rebellion.

Grace-1-1Grace. By Mick Gordon and AC Grailing . Intimate family drama by Mick Gordon and AC Grayling. Grace, a scientist and champion of atheism, is faced with the decision of her son Tom to become a priest.

Grey Expectations.-1-1Grey Expectations. By Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran. You can have too much money. Graham Slater has 200 billion pounds to get rid of, since most of the world’s toxic loans have materialised in his office – which happens to be in a parallel universe.

gullivers-travels-1-1Gulliver’s Travells. Jonathan Swift’s classic satire, in a brand new dramatisation starring Arthur Darvill. Gulliver is shipwrecked on the Island of Lilliput where the natives are tiny people living in a miniature society. With his unique overview of this realm, Gulliver discovers a world of petty politics and small minds. Coerced into a war between two nations who disagree on the best way to eat boiled eggs, Gulliver finds himself betrayed by friends and battered by enemies – escape is his only option if he wants to survive! Gulliver’s adventures in Lilliput are hilarious, disturbing and profound. This is a story of dishonest politicians, mindless ceremony and wars based on unconvincing arguments. A satire as potent now as it ever was! Gulliver’s Travels quickly became a classic. The book has become not only the defining work of its author but also of its genre – a landmark in English Literature to which all satirists today can trace a heritage.

Hiraeth in Hughesovka-1-1Hiraeth in Hughesovka. Colin Thomas’s drama documentary is set in the steel town of Hughesovka, established in the Ukraine in the 1870s by Welsh capitalist John Hughes and initially mainly populated by Welsh miners and steelmen. Played out to a documentary background of letters and journals written by real inhabitants of Hughesovka, the story follows a romance that develops between a young Welsh miner and a Ukrainian girl.
How Does That Make You Feel-1-1How Does That Make You Feel (Ordinary’s Not Enough.) Series 01 to 06. Shelagh Stephenson’s drama about psychotherapist Martha and her dealings with a series of patients. As therapists go, Martha is reasonably compassionate, but deep down she’s losing patience. It seems all her clients want to be something they are not, and it’s driving them and her, out of their minds? There’s Richard Fallon MP, (Roger Allam) who’s convinced promotion to the front bench is being denied him because of his obese son and a wife who lost all patience with him 20 years ago. Caroline, (Rebecca Saire) who thinks her child’s a genius with an IQ way off the scale. She is worried that instead of following the path of celebrity, her daughter may go on to study mere physics thereby consigning her and more importantly Caroline to a life of unbearable ordinariness. There’s Philip, who insists he isn’t facing a crisis since his demotion from Good Morning Norfolk to a shopping channel – but whose new girlfriend is 30 years his junior and clearly on the make. And Howard, (Tim McInnerny) a chef who’s son, Aaron, (Adam Billington) though 33 is still trying to get a band off the ground, whilst looming resentfully over their lives, upstairs in the back bedroom. Philip and Rose, Since Phil’s demotion as anchorman of a local TV news channel, he and his wife imagine they are dying of creeping invisibility. They could be right.

Out of the Silent Planet-1-1Out of the Silent Planet. (R) Alex Jennings reads C S Lewis’ sci-fi novel. In the first novel of C.S. Lewis’s classic science fiction trilogy, Dr Ransom, a Cambridge academic, is abducted and taken on a spaceship to the red planet of Malacandra, which he knows as Mars. His captors are plotting to plunder the planet’s treasures and plan to offer Ransom as a sacrifice to the creatures who live there. Ransom discovers he has come from the ‘silent planet’ – Earth – whose tragic story is known throughout the universe…

Kafka the Musical-1-1Kafka the Musical. Murray Gold’s new play starts from the suitably Kafkaesque premise that Franz Kafka finds he has to play himself in a musical about his own life. The play – or is it the musical? – introduces Kafka and the audience to some of the key characters in his life, Milena Jesenska, Dora Diamant and Felice Bauer.

Love In A Cold Climate-1-1Love in a Cold Climate. By Nancy Mitford, dramatised by Claire Luckham to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the novel’s publication. An invitation to a grand party at Hampton, home of the fabulously wealthy Montdores and their beautiful daughter Polly, brings Fanny straight into the world of the aristocracy, and in and out of love when the temperature drops.

Maine Road.-1-1Maine Road. By Sarah McDonald Hughes. As the last game at Manchester City’s Maine Road stadium approaches, a family in mourning for a grandmother face their own struggle to survive.

Mire Farm-1-1Mire Farm. Play by Bruce Bedford. Simon Shaw’s first great challenge as a diplomat: how to reconcile the family at Mire Farm with the villagers of Butterdale…

Mr Larkins Awkward Day-1-1Mr Larkin’s Awkward Day. Chris Harrald’s play takes a light-hearted look at a chaotic day in the life of an emerging poet. One morning in September 1957, Philip Larkin receives a very official looking letter which sends him into a spin.

No Trampy Immigrants-1-1No Trampy Immigrants. Inspired by events which took place in Belfast in the summer of 2009, Eoin McNamee’s play tells the story of a community reeling from a shocking racist attack. A riot takes place at the height of marching season, but not the type of riot you might expect.

Six Suspects-1-1Six Suspects. Dramatisation by Ayeesha Menon of the novel by Vikas Swarup, author of Q and A, which was filmed as Slumdog Millinaire. Vicky Rai, notorious son of a prominent Indian politician, shoots dead a waitress at a trendy Delhi restaurant. At a lavish society party to celebrate his acquittal, he is himself murdered. Who did it?

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