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Talented Mr RipleyThe Complete Ripley Series. A series of plays based on the novels by Patricia Highsmith about the suave and amoral Tom Ripley.  

The Talented Mr Ripley. Tom is barely one step ahead of his creditors when a stranger offers him a free trip to Europe and a fresh start. Tom wants money and success and he is willing to kill for it.

Ripley Under GroundRipley Under Ground. With a dead man’s money safely stowed in the bank, Tom is living in luxury in a chateau in France with his beautiful French wife. But the clever art forgery which funds Tom’s expensive tastes is about to be uncovered. 

Ripley's GameRipley’s Game. Tom sets up a man he dislikes to carry out two perfect murders, but an attack of conscience prompts him to take on the Mafia. 

The Boy Who Followed RipleyThe Boy Who Followed Ripley. A rich young man arrives at Belle Ombre and he and Tom end up having to fight for their lives in sexually ambiguous, underworld Berlin. 

RipleyUnderWaterRipley Under Water. Strange new neighbours show an overdeveloped interest in Ripley’s past. Tom discovers they are not who they say they are, but will his shady dealings be exposed after all?

Rumours of GunsRumours Of Guns. By Andrew Greig and Kathleen Jamie. A powerful Battle of Britain drama about the emotional cost of war.

From Russia with LoveFrom Russia with Love. By Ian Fleming. It’s 1955 and the Russians plan an act of terrorism. Choice of target? James Bond. To be ‘killed with ignominy’: a major sex scandal will leave his reputation, and that of MI6, in tatters. Colonel Rosa Klebb of the KGB devises a plan to lure Bond into their trap, using beautiful Corporal Tatiana Romanova as bait – plus a Spektor, the latest Russian decoding device. MI6 learns that Tatiana wants to defect and ‘M’ orders Bond to Istanbul. When Tatiana makes contact she seems to be in love with him – but is she? Either way, he soon falls for her and they leave Istanbul together, accompanied by larger-than-life Darko Kerim, Head of British Intelligence in Turkey. The climax of the drama includes a surprising confrontation between Bond and the murderous Rosa Klebb.

casino royaleCasino Royale. (R) By Ian Fleming. Award-winning English actor Alex Jennings reads from Ian Fleming’s debut 007 outing, Casino Royale. 

GoldfingerGoldfinger. By Ian Fleming. A dramatisation of the classic 1959 novel. When Bond begins his pursuit of a monstrous international criminal he discovers that a daring heist is on the agenda – plus mass murder. But what is the American connection? And where do the Russians fit in? Can OO7 survive to fight another day?  

Trigger MortisTrigger Mortis. (R) By Anthony Horowitz, with original material by Ian Fleming and read by Rupert Penry-Jones.
It’s 1957 and James Bond, agent 007, has only just survived his showdown with Auric Goldfinger at Fort Knox. By his side is Pussy Galore, who was with him at the end. Unknown to either of them, the USSR and the West are in a deadly struggle for technological superiority in the Space Race. And SMERSH is back. The Soviet counter-intelligence agency plans to sabotage a Grand Prix race at the most dangerous track in Europe. But it’s Bond who finds himself in the driving seat and events take an unexpected turn when he observes a suspicious meeting between SMERSH’s driver and a sinister Korean millionaire, Sin Jai-Seong. Soon Bond is pitched into an entirely different race with implications that could change the world. Thrown together with American agent Jeopardy Lane, Bond uncovers a plan that will bring the West to its knees in a heart-stopping climax.

Trigger Mortis is the first James Bond novel to feature previously unseen Ian Fleming material.

You Only Live TwiceYou Only Live Twice. Ian Fleming’s Agent 007 sparks a fatal encounter in a Japanese garden of death.

 Dr NoDr No. By Ian Fleming. Hugh Whitemore’s dramatisation of Ian Fleming’s 1958 novel, to celebrate the author’s centenary. Bond is sent to investigate a strange disappearance on the island of Jamaica and discovers that the heart of the mystery lies with a sinister recluse known as Dr No.

the-living-daylightsThe Living Daylights. (R) By Ian Fleming. In this short story, an unusually morose James Bond is assigned sniper duty to help British agent “272” escape from East Berlin. Bond’s duty is to prevent a top KGB assassin codenamed “Trigger” from killing 272 by eliminating the sniper.  
There are two versions available. Not sure who reads V1 but V2 is read by Dan Stevens.

from a view to a kill copyFrom A View To A Kill. (R) By Ian Fleming. In this short story, James Bond investigates the death of a Secret Service dispatch rider in France. In the process, he discovers and shuts down a secret Soviet spy outpost.

Diamonds Are Forever-1Diamonds Are Forever. An all-star Ian Fleming James Bond adventure, directed by Martin Jarvis and starring Toby Stephens as 007. Fleming’s fourth Bond novel is especially dazzling. Its dark humour encompasses millions of pounds worth of diamonds smuggled out of British mines in Africa. Responsible? Somebody known as ‘ABC’. James Bond is sent undercover by MI6 to New York to follow the pipeline. Masquerading as a courier he meets enticing, ice-cold, Tiffany Case. She stands between Bond and gang-bosses whose criminal diamond business stretches from Sierra Leone, via London, to the gambling tables of Las Vegas. Bond infiltrates the mob. Horse-racing scams, a car chase, a rigged card game, pursuit by locomotive – Bond and Tiffany endure all. Eventually flown to West Africa, Bond unmasks the ultimate villain. Archie Scottney’s dramatisation parades a bizarre collection of mafiosi monsters.

northanger-abbeyNorthanger Abbey. By Jane Austen. Catherine Morland, a naive country girl, is taken to Bath by Mr and Mrs Allen – rich landowners and friends of her clergyman father. But her arrival in Bath in such noteworthy company leads to a misunderstanding about her fortune, a misunderstanding that grows until she is invited by the wealthy, but avaricious, General Tilney for an indefinite stay at Northanger Abbey. 

moleMole. Richard Monks’ comic tale of an amateur gardener who becomes dangerously obsessed with hunting down the mole that has dared to desecrate his pristine lawn. But his obsession hides a deeper and more damaging problem.

erskine mayErskine May. By Dan Rebellato. A humorous look at the 19th-century rebuilding of the Houses of Parliament, combining history and fiction. Charles Barry and Augustus Welby Pugin work at opposite ends of the architectural spectrum. But when Parliament explodes and Big Ben rockets into the sky, they have 12 hours to rebuild it before Queen Victoria arrives for the opening.

Daughters of veniceDaughters Of Venice. By Don Taylor. The daughters are the young girls taken in as orphans and cared for by the Sisters of the Pietà. The convent is famous for its girls’ orchestra under the direction of Vivaldi and the drama follows the fortunes of three of the girls about to enter the harsh commercial world.

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