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PericlesPericles. Shakespeare’s romantic adventure full of tyrants, incest, murder, knights, teenagers, pirates, brothels, sublime poetry, young love, a great hero and the goddess Diana. A multicultural cast, world music and the poet Benjamin Zephaniah, give this timeless tale a contemporary twist.

Raft to BondiRaft to Bondi. Bittersweet comedy by Ian Kershaw. It’s July 4th 1990 and the country is football crazy because England are playing West Germany in the semi final of the World Cup. Everyone is glued to the TV, except for 15-year-old Jim who’s got other things on his mind. He’s ripe for a bit of an adventure.

Raven Black.Raven Black. By Ann Cleeves. Dramatisation of the crime novel by Anne Cleeves, set in Shetland during midwinter. Atmospheric dramatisation of the award-winning crime novel set deep in a Shetland winter. When a young woman is found strangled in a snow-covered field, the inhabitants of small Shetland hamlet Ravenswick are thrown into shock. Disbelief soon turns to anger and suspicion falls upon elderly loner Magnus Tait. But Detective Jimmy Perez has a hunch that the case is more complicated than that solution might suggest. Raven Black was named Best Crime Novel of the Year by the Crime Writers Association in 2006. It’s the first in a series of novels set in Shetland, featuring Detective Jimmy Perez.

Grace UnshakledGrace Unshackled. The true story of an African slave, Olaudah Equiano, who purchased his freedom and settled in England. Dramatised from his book.

around the world in 80 daysAround The World In Eighty Days. Phileas Fogg’s new valet, Passepartout, is hoping for a quiet life. Jules Verne’s classic adventure, starring Leslie Phillips.

625y625Y. Wally K Daly’s play intriguingly imagines what would happen if a research scientist discovered a gene that could determine a man or a woman’s natural lifespan and offer eternal life.

The Last Confession-1The Last Confession. By Roger Crane, adapted by Martin Jenkins. Conspiracy thriller that goes behind the scenes at the Vatican, uncovering the bitter rivalries, political skulduggery and crises of faith surrounding the untimely death of Pope John Paul I in 1978.

conclaveConclave. (The sequel to ‘The Last Confession’). Gripping drama by Hugh Costello. After the short reign and mysterious death of Pope John Paul I, the election of a new Pope takes place in an atmosphere of high tension between opposing factions within the Vatican, including those who want to elect the first non-Italian Pope for over four hundred years.

Five Children and ItFive Children And It. By E Nesbit, dramatised by Malcolm McKee. On a hot, Edwardian summer’s day, five children are granted a series of wishes by a strange creature they find in a gravel pit. But, inevitably, things do not go to plan in their enchanted world.

Goodbye to Berlin. By Christopher Isherwood. Isherwood’s dramatic eyewitness account of Berlin in the early 30s, the book that inspired Cabaret.
Isherwood arrives in Berlin, and takes lodgings with Fraulein Schroder, a once well off widow, now forced to take in a motley crew of lodgers. He’s enthralled by Berlin’s chaotic, hedonist nightlife and the rich variety of characters he meets: Jewish department store heiress Natalia Landauer, her cousin the serious and troubled Bernhard, fantastical night club singer Sally Bowles and the freeloading Otto Nowak. But as Christopher Isherwood grows to love the city and its people he cannot ignore the growing influence of the Nazi party even in his own carefree circles. He observed at first hand how ordinary people, at every level of society, became sucked into the new era of Hitler and his kind.

The Golden SlipperLady Detectives.
The Golden Slipper. The vivacious Miss Violet Strange shines in the best New York society but, unknown to her friends, she is also a professional agency detective. Here, in a case from 1910, she investigates The Inseparables – four rich young women suspected of a series of thefts.
The Redhill Sisterhood. In the autumn of 1897, undercover agent Loveday Brooke investigates a group of nuns who appear to have forsaken their vows and taken to burglary.
The Law And The Lady. By Wilkie Collins. From the author of The Woman in White and The Moonstone, the sensational, Gothic tale of Valeria Woodville’s quest to clear her husband of murdering his first wife.
Mr Bovey’s Unexpected Will. By L T Meade and Robert Eustace. Miss Florence Cusack, one of Victorian London’s most clever and determined private consulting detectives, investigates a case where a man’s fate depends on his weight in gold.

A Place In The WorldA Place In The World. Following the Thirty Years War, Clara and Tobi flee their native Germany for the promise of a better life in Ireland. But what they find there is far from the Promised Land.

The Places In Between-1The Places In Between. By Benjamin Yeoh. In January 2002, Rory Stewart walked across Afghanistan just after the fall of the Taliban. Surviving by his wits, his knowledge of Persian dialects and Muslim customs, and the kindness of strangers, this dramatisation tells the story of this epic journey.

MoonfleetMoonfleet. J Meade Falkner’s classic tale, dramatised by Nick Warburton. Young John Trenchard is drawn into the dangerous world of smuggling when he goes in search of Blackbeard’s diamond. But the treasure brings a curse, and soon John must flee for his life.

Understand-1Understand. Treatment for a horrific accident has unexpected benefits in this sci-fi thriller by award-winning US writer Ted Chiang.

The Remarkable Rocket-1The Remarkable Rocket. (R) By Oscar Wilde. A collection of celebratory fireworks discuss the nature of love, and one of them gets his comeuppance. Read by John Moffat.

The New Accelerator-1
The New Accelerator. In the name of science, HG Wells agrees to sample a new drug designed to speed up both body and mind. The acclaimed physiologist, Professor Gibberne, is on the verge of a making a discovery that will revolutionise human life by creating a stimulant to speed up both the body and mind.

crosswordsCrosswords. By Jim Eldridge. Lonely widower Stephen Cross compiles crosswords for his local paper. His life is changed forever when he meets Penny Harrison.
Arthur In Bournemouth, Or Many Arrived Around. Crossword compiler Stephen gets embroiled with lovely widow Penny. Romantic tale with Wendy Craig and Geoffrey Palmer.
Leonardo In Lyme Regis. A work by da Vinci turns up in Dorset – or does it? Stephen, the crossword compiler, sets out to solve the puzzle.
Shakespeare In Southampton. Stephen delves into the mystery of a manuscript that may or may not be by the Bard.

Breaking PointBreaking Point. Philip Palmer’s powerful drama tells the story of Jon Starkey as he undergoes training to become a British Army interrogator. A career soldier with a young family, Starkey is about to join the front line in the so-called war against terror.

The Jungle BookThe Jungle Book. A full-cast dramatisation of Kipling’s classic animal adventure starring Eartha Kitt. Rudyard Kipling’s famous tale tells the story of Mowgli, the ‘man-cub’ rescued from the tiger Shere Khan and adopted by a wolf pack. As he grows up, Mowgli learns the ways of the jungle from Baloo the bear, Bagheera the black panther and Kaa the rock python. His life is full of adventure with the jungle creatures, but soon the time comes when he is forced to leave and take his place among his own people.This rich and entertaining dramatisation skilfully blends words with jungle sounds and music and stars Eartha Kitt as Kaa, Freddie Jones as Baloo, Jonathan Hyde as Bagheera and Nisha K. Mayer as Mowgli.

The Jungle Book. This is Disney’s musical version inspired by Rudyard Kiplings “Mowgli” story.

A Stone WomanA Stone Woman. A S Byatt’s sensuous and ultimately uplifting gothic tale is an account of a woman’s transformation into stone.

How Now T.V How Now T.V. By Paul Watson. TV presenter Daniela Cross is now legendary. The extraordinary idea for a programme which effectively started her career was so awful that it was bound to succeed.

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