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Uncle Mort-1-1Uncle Mort’s North Country. Uncle Mort’s North Country. By Peter Tinniswood. Carter Brandon gets a week off work and heads off in his car with Uncle Mort to the country.  
Uncle Mort’s South Country. Uncle Mort and Carter Brandon travel south and find a miserable home from home.  
Uncle Mort’s Celtic Fringe. Carter Brandon’s epic journey through Wales in a Beetle, accompanied by his Uncle Mort.

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A Night To Remember-1-1A Night to Remember. Walter Lord had been interested in the sinking of the RMS Titanic since he was child and wrote A Night to Remember while working as a copy editor at a New York ad agency. Lord interviewed over sixty survivors of the sinking and described in detail the events leading up to the Titanic striking the iceberg, the sinking and the rescue by the RMS Carpathia. Walter Lord’s book is read by Martin Jarvis. 10 Episodes.

A room with a view-1-1A Room with a View By E. M. Forster. The story of a young woman in the repressed culture of Edwardian England. Set in Italy and England, the story is both a romance and a critique of English society at the beginning of the 20th century.

Breaking the Silence-1-1Breaking the Silence. By Stephen Poliakoff. Adapted from the 1984 stage play. A man becomes obsessed with being the first to bring sound to moving pictures while his family adapt to the changes brought by the Bolsheviks in post-revolutionary Russia.

Brought to Book-1-1Brought to Book. By Joan Bakewell. Lucy has been appointed chair of the Widmerpool Prize for Fiction. She is determined to find the very best novel amid the mountain of submissions. But as both literary and personal pressures grow, can she maintain her high ideals against dreaded compromise?

Candy Floss Kisses.-1-1Candy Floss Kisses. An atmospheric first play for radio by Simon Farquhar, set amid the hillsides, caves and beaches of a remote Scottish community. When 18-year-old Londoner Billy encounters feisty Isla, their shared summer turns out to be more of a rollercoaster than either of them expected.

chimera-1-1Chimera. Brutal killings in an isolated laboratory leads to a government hush up. Dramatised by Stephen Gallagher from his own novel.

Clean Break-1-1Clean Break.  By Vai McDermid. Manchester-based private eye Kate Brannigan is not amused when thieves steal a Monet from a stately home.

enquiry-1-1Enquiry. By Dick Francis. When Kelly Hughes loses his licence as a jockey he loses his job, his home and his whole reason for living.

BonecrackBonecrack. By Dick Francis. Neil Griffon gets involved in a horrendous situation when managing his stricken father’s racing stables at Newmarket.

BoltBolt. By Dick Francis. Kit Fielding is a successful jockey. Unfortunately his patron Princess Casilia is in trouble: all her best runners are being destroyed – shot by a bolt. Kit tries to help.

horses-1-1-1Horses. By Dick Francis. An arsonist is wreaking havoc in a village south of Dublin, and Father Devoy takes a stranger in out of the rain.

Blood SportBlood Sport. By Dick Francis. When English agent Gene Hawkins told his boss he’d forego his holiday to search for millionaire Dave Teller’s prized missing stallion, he didn’t know his retainer would include the attention of his boss’s beautiful teenage daughter – or Teller’s seldom sober wife. Neither did he know that a trail from London to New York to Las Vegas to California would eventually lead to murder.

whipWhip Hand. By Dick Francis. Sid Halley had one good hand and another made of metal. Five hundred pounds of horse had landed on him, directly ending his career as a brilliant jockey – and indirectly ending his marriage to the woman he loved. He had become a private investigator, quite a good one, though his new life could never erase the haunting memories of his past glories. But it was only when the wife of one of England’s top trainers came to beg his help in preventing some foul play at the track that Sid Halley began to know what being haunted really was…

straightStraight. (R) By Dick Francis. As Derek Franklin, an injured steeplechase jockey, nears the end of his career, he is thrust into trouble and mayhem by the accidental death of his older brother, Greville. “I inherited my brother’s desk, his business, his gadgets, his enemies, his horses and his mistress,” Derek says. “I inherited my brother’s life, and it nearly killed me.” With danger besetting him from unknown directions, Derek’s only hope of survival is to identify the enemy. But Greville, whose life had as many facets as the gemstones he imported, had left behind more philosophizing than useful clues. “The bad scorn the good,” Greville wrote, “and the crooked despise the straight.” Derek Franklin must call on all his stamina and endurance to make the final, straight run in his brother’s life – without losing his own…

Of Withered Apples-1-1Of Withered Apples. Philip K Dick turns his hand to horror in this chilling tale. An ancient tree will do anything to ensure that it doesn’t die.

the card-1-1The Card. Jennifer Howarth’s dramatisation of Arnold Bennett’s exuberant and cheerful story charting the rise and rise of Denry Machin in 19th-century Bursley.
Backtrack-1-1Backtrack. By Jill Hyem. Hyem’s play begins in a temporary centre for the homeless, when a volunteer helper finds herself oddly interested in one of the down-and-outs, and for once allows herself to follow her instincts.

The Test-1-1The Test. Taut psychological thriller by Peter Whalley. John Newland’s life is turned upside down when an old murder case from 20 years ago, in which he was a suspect, is reopened. He now must take a DNA test, and is terrified that his wife will at last discover the terrible and strange lie he has been living for 20 years.

small island-1-1Small Island. The Winner of the Whitbread Book Award 2004! Also winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction 2004.It is 1948, and England is recovering from a war. But at 21 Nevern Street, London, the conflict has only just begun. Queenie Bligh’s neighbours do not approve when she agrees to take in Jamaican lodgers, but Queenie doesn’t know when her husband will return, or if he will come back at all. What else can she do? Gilbert Joseph was one of the several thousand Jamaican men who joined the RAF to fight against Hitler. Returning to England as a civilian he finds himself treated very differently. It’s desperation that makes him remember a wartime friendship with Queenie and knock at her door. Gilbert’s wife Hortense, too, had longed to leave Jamaica and start a better life in England. But when she joins him she is shocked to find London shabby, decrepit, and far from the golden city of her dreams. Even Gilbert is not the man she thought he was.
These Are The Times-1-1These Are The Times: A Life of Thomas Paine. By Trevor Griffiths. Tom Paine arrives in America penniless just as the struggle for Independence is beginning. His ideas and his writings take him right to the heart of events and his words are read out to Washington’s army.

Talking To Strangers-1-1Talking to Strangers. By Charlotte Jones. A perennially shy man sets himself a task: he will switch off his mobile phone, disregard his e-mail, put aside his iPod, and talk to strangers. A comedy about connection, communication and electronic devices.

Talk Of Love And War-1-1Talk Of Love And War. Bill Nighy stars in Don Haworth’s tale of dangerous flying assignments and the harsh realities of the Second World War.


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