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Trapped-1Trapped. By Martin Sorrell. Dramatisation of the Theatre Royal Exeter fire of 1887, in which 180 or so died, and which led to compulsory Safety Curtains in all theatres.

fear-1The Price of Fear. The Price of Fear is a horror/mystery radio serial produced by BBC Radio during the 1970s. The host and star of the show was Vincent Price. This show stands out in Price’s radio career as some of the episodes were based on fictional adventures of Vincent Price himself, playing himself, while others had him merely introducing the macabre tale of the week. Twenty-two episodes were produced fifteen of the episodes were rebroadcast by BBC Radio 7 in the spring of 2010.

Series 1
The Man Who Hated Scenes. A millionaire hints to his wife that he knows she’s planning to kill him, and it proves to be fatally effective.
Lot 132. Haywards Heath is the setting for terrible carnage in this artistically horrifying tale.
The Waxwork. Raymond Hewson isn’t scared of waxworks. Perhaps he should be.
Fish. Horror legend Vincent Price tells a tale of horror and obsession from Down Under.
Shark and Chips Anyone? (Missing) With Bill Kerr. A shark attack reveals the true fate of a philandering film director.
Soul Music. Vincent invites himself to a concert and finds a once great musician has lost his touch – but why?
Guy Fawkes Night. (Missing)

Series 2
Come As You Are. When Vincent Price attends a party a phantom encounter with a guest gives fancy dress a whole new meaning.
Specialty Of The House. (Missing) An exclusive restaurant with a very rare dish on the menu; one to leave a nasty taste in the mouth.
The Ninth Removal. Horror legend Vincent Price’s unnerving tale of a secretary’s murderous revenge.
An Eye For An Eye. The Count likes his seafood live. The seafood wants to stay that way.
Blind Man’s Bluff. An eerie blind man boards a moving train – but he hides a shocking secret.
Never Gamble With A Loser. (Missing)

Series 3
Goody Two Shoes. Sobering tale of Anne and David’s move to Devon – and an unwelcome lodger.
To My Dear, Dear Saladin. A tale of a cat – and its unusual inheritance.
The Family Album. Arthur Goodby is the kind of man who gets slightly in the way, but is otherwise unacknowledged, until he buys an album in a junk shop.
Out Of The Mouths. Research Scientist, Richard Atkins, tries out his advanced theories of human behaviour and child development on his newborn son.
Not Wanted On The Voyage. Vincent Price’s tale of the despotic Henrietta Forsythe’s sway over her secretary and new husband. With Margaret Courtenay.
Is There Anybody There? A fake clairvoyant from suburbia is visited by a man in search of a preview of eternity.
The Ninth Removal. Mrs Sidgewick is the upholder of morals in the office, but the arrival of Anne makes her change tact, with fatal consequences.

The government Inspector-1-1-1The Government Inspector. A version of Nikolai Gogol’s farce, adapted by Rene Basilico. The village is alive with gossip about a VIP visitor.

The Doppelganger-1-1-1The Doppelganger. By J.C.W Brooks. On a second honeymoon with his wife Jane, Adam sees his dead mother and is plunged into the dark world of the other self.

plenty-1-1-1Plenty. By David Hare. In counter-pointing the experiences of an Englishwoman helping the French Resistance during the second world war with her life in the following 20 years, David Hare offers a unique view of post-war history, as well as making a powerful statement about changing values and the collapse of ideals embodied in a single life.

Purvis-1-1-1Purvis. By Nick Warburton. A kindly vicar appoints a lonely widower as Safety Officer to his church, but he turns out to be rather accident prone.

Scarlet on Black-1-1-1Scarlet on Black. What is the link between a kidnapping and events in Algeria 30 years ago? Roger Danes’ fast-moving thriller set in Paris.

Slipstream-2-1Slipstream. By Simon Bovey. It’s 1945. The Allies are certain to win the war. Then a strange aircraft is spotted. And nothing will ever be the same again.

The Dommed Oasis-1-1-1The Doomed Oasis. Adaptation of Hammond Innes’ novel. George Grant is the English lawyer on an Arabian adventure in this adaptation of Hammond Innes’ novel.

Hancock's Ashes.-2Hancock’s Ashes. By Caroline and David Stafford. In 1968 Willie Rushton brought Tony Hancock’s ashes back to Britain from Australia. This play imagines what might have happened behind the scenes.

The Incomparable Witness-1-1-1The Incomparable Witness. By Nichola McAuliffe. A drama about Sir Bernard Spilsbury – the father of modern forensics and the most brilliant scientific detective of all time. Narrated by his widow Edith, the story focuses on Spilsbury as a young man and the case that made his name – the infamous trial of Doctor Crippen in 1910.

the invention of Dr Cake-1-1-1The Invention of Dr Cake. By Andrew Motion, adapted by Jonathan Holloway. Essex in the middle of the 19th century. Dr Tabor goes to visit the sick Dr Cake at his home in a country village. Dr Cake has been a quietly distinguished country doctor for many years and his ideas on alleviating rural sickness and poverty have had success and have become known more widely. But Tabor is uncertain about who he has come to visit. Himself an amateur poet in his youth and still a devotee of Parnassus, he finds himself talking to the ailing Dr Cake as much about Shakespeare and poetry as about the illnesses of his impoverished villagers.

The Master of Ballantrae.j-1-1-1The Master of Ballantrae. Robert Louis Stevenson’s buccaneering tale of family division in Jacobite times. Stars David Rintoul and Liam Brennan.

to serve them all my days-1-1-1To Serve Them All My Days. By RF Delderfield, dramatised by Shaun McKenna. It’s 1918, and after barely surviving the trenches of World War I, an embittered young soldier takes a teaching post at Bamfylde, an elite boarding school in the uplands of West Devon. It is an unlikely job for a Welsh miner’s son without a degree, but David Powlett-Jones proves to be a rare schoolmaster, as passionate about learning as he is about teaching.

Velvet Love-1-1-1Velvet Love. By Simon MacAllum. In a town somewhere in Scotland Velvet Love has been the venue of choice for a whole generation of clubbers; and Charlie the cloakroom attendant has seen them all grow up, pick fights, get wasted, fall in and out of love, and move on and away. Now the club is closing, and on this last night, Charlie, the resident DJ, and one or two of the regulars have some dreams to fulfil, some old scores to settle and are about to learn some sad truths about the past.

Deadfall-1-1-1Deadfall. By RD Wingfield. Demolition expert Harry Davis is a retired special agent whose life starts unravelling when his past catches up with him.

The Mayor of Casterbridge.-1The Mayor of Casterbridge. By Thomas Hardy. Michael Henchard throws his life away while drunk at a fair in 19th – century Dorset. Will he ever be happy again?

The Mortal Immortal-1-1-1The Mortal Immortal. Is immortality a blessing or a curse? Mary Shelley explores man’s fascination with eternal life in this thought-provoking story.

the-phantom-of-the-opera-2The Phantom of the Opera. By Gaston Leroux. Paris in the 1880s. At the Opera House, the death of a stagehand is blamed on the fabled Opera Ghost. But who is he?

The picture of Dorian Gray 2-1-1-1The Picture of Dorian Gray. By Oscar Wilde. Nick McCarty’s adaptation of the Wilde classic. As London slides from one century to the next, a beautiful young man is cursed with the uncanny ability to keep his looks while descending into a world of heartless, drug-addicted debauchery. His portrait instead ages for him. With Ian McDiarmid and Jamie Glover.

The Picture of Dorian Gray. Version 2. A stunning and disturbing new (2015) version of Oscar Wilde’s classic by one of the UK’s leading drama practitioners, Neil Bartlett. Glittering dialogue and radical questioning of conventional morality are brought sharply into focus by this new adaptation.

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