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Hombre-1Hombre. By Elmore Leonard and adapted by Robert Ferguson. John Russell has been raised as an Apache. Now he’s on his way to live as a white man. But when the stagecoach passengers learn who he is, they want nothing to do with him. That is, until outlaws ride down on them and they must rely on Russell to lead them out of the desert.

Shane-1Shane. Adapted from Jack Shaefer’s novel by Frances Byrnes. A mysterious horseman, all dressed in black and wearing a six shooter, rides into an isolated valley in Wyoming. Call me Shane, he says. He’s a skilled gunslinger, and soon finds himself drawn into a conflict between homesteaders Marian and Joe Starrett and ruthless cattle baron Fletcher, who wants to force the Starretts off the land. Marian is caught between the strong, dependable husband whom she loves, and the lean, handsome stranger whom she needs if she’s to save her family. Although the story of ‘Shane’ is fictional, elements of it are based on the 1892 Johnson County War between the small settlers in Wyoming and the bigger, wealthier ranchers.
like an animal-1-1-1Like an Animal. By Meic Povey. Mair wants to move to a new bungalow to end her days but Defi wants to stay in their mountain farmhouse. Neither choice will wipe out the tragedy in their past.

The Great Escape-1-1-1The Great Escape. Employers in a department store go slowly crazy as they have to endure monotonous promotionals during the various holiday seasons. They finally take a stand at Christmas.

angelophany_0-1-1-1Angelophany. By Miles Gibson. A parish priest discovers a vagrant sleeping in his church but when confronted the homeless man claims to be an angel and continues to tell the priest a few home truths.

The Lost Boys-1-1-1The Lost Boys. By Andrew Birkin. JM Barrie biographer Andrew Birkin tells the haunting story of Barrie’s relationship with the Llewelyn Davies boys, the inspiration behind Peter Pan. He reveals how his own experience across a 30-year association with the author has thrown up tragic parallels.

peterpan-1-1-1Peter Pan. The Darling household is a place of joy, consisting of the three children, Wendy, John, and Michael; the practical and sometimes stern father, Mr. Darling; the loving mother, Mrs. Darling; and the children’s nurse, a dog named Nana. But sneaking into the children’s bedroom at night to listen to Mrs. Darling’s bedtime stories is Peter Pan. One night, Nana and Mrs. Darling see him and try to stop him, but are only able to catch his shadow as he flies out the window. So they roll it up and put it in a drawer. Peter, of course, wants his shadow, and returns…

Peter Pan In Scarlet-1-1Peter Pan In Scarlet. We’ve waited a hundred years for this. On 5 October 2006 the biggest children’s book publishing event of the century took place when Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean – the official sequel to JM Barrie’s much loved Peter Pan – hit bookshelves across the globe. In August 2004, the Special Trustees of Great Ormond Street Hospital launched the search for a sequel to JM Barrie’s timeless classic, Peter Pan. To mark the work’s centenary publishers and literary agents worldwide were invited to put forward the names of up to two authors to be considered for the project. The author could be a children’s or an adult writer and of any nationality. Entrants were asked to submit a sample chapter and synopsis. Geraldine McCaughrean was the author chosen from a field of nearly 200 entries from around the world.
Joseph_Carey_Merrick_1-1-1The Elephant Man. By Bernard Pomerance. Based on the real life story of John ( really Joseph) Merrick the story begins with Dr Frederick Treves discovering John Merrick in a Victorian freak show where he is managed by the brutish Bytes. Merrick is so hideously deformed that he must wear a hood when in public. Also, Bytes claims his exhibit is an imbecile. Treves is moved by Merrick’s condition and pays Bytes to bring him to his hospital so that he can inspect him and present a lecture on his peculiar physique, at which Treves coldly displays him as a mere curiosity. On Merrick’s return, Bytes beats him so severely that Treves is called, who attempts to take him back to the hospital. Bytes confronts Treves and accuses him of also exploiting Merrick for his own ends, which leads the surgeon to resolve to do what he can to help the unfortunate man.
Alice in wonderland-1-1-1Alice In Wonderland. A girl named Alice is bored while on a picnic with her older sister. She finds interest in a passing rabbit , dressed in a waistcoat and muttering “I’m late!”, whom she follows down a rabbit-hole, floating down into a dream underworld. As she attempts to follow the rabbit, she has several adventures.

Paul and Yolande-1-1-1Paul and Yolande. Linda Grant’s play dramatises what may have happened to Yolande Jackson after the end of her relationship with Paul Robeson. On the Cote d’Azur in the 1950s, a penniless upper-class woman cannot forget the man she could never marry.

Tom's Midnight Garden-1-1-1Tom’s Midnight Garden. By Philippa Pearce. When Tom’s brother Peter gets measles, Tom is sent to stay with his uncle and aunt in a flat with no garden. Because he may be infectious he is not allowed out to play. Without exercise he is less sleepy at night and hears the communal grandfather clock strangely strikes 13 – he investigates and finds the back yard is now a large sunlit garden. Here he meets Hatty who is the only one who can see him. They have adventures which he eventually realises are taking place in the late 19th century. Eventually he has to return home, but just before he does he meets Hatty, now a very old lady, again.

Twenty Cigarettes.-1-1-1Twenty Cigarettes. By Marcy Kahan. Oscar has asked Suki to marry him but Suki will only agree if he gives up smoking. She makes him go to a centre to help him stop smoking. The therapy consists of reflecting upon his 20 tobacco milestones.

Tom Brown's School Days.2-1-1-1Tom Brown’s Schooldays. By Thomas Hughes. A classic of Victorian literature, and one of the earliest books written specifically for boys, Tom Brown`s Schooldays has long had an influence well beyond the middle-class, public school world that it describes. An active social reformer, Hughes wrote with a freshness, a lack of cant, and a kind, relaxed tolerance which keeps this novel refreshingly distinct from other schoolboy adventures.

i am david-1-1-1I Am David. By Ann Holm. When the story begins, freedom is just a dream for David, a young boy who has grown up a captive in a 1950s Bulgarian camp with almost no knowledge of the outside world or what has become of his family. Everything he knows about life has been taught to him by his fellow prisoner and mentor Johannes. One night, David escapes the camp, fleeing with a compass, half a loaf of bread and a sealed letter, which he is told must reach Denmark–the only place where he will be safe.

Adrift-1-1-1Adrift. Judy Upton’s compelling tale of one young woman’s struggle to confront her past by reliving the day her mother decided to abandon her for her lover.

Beast-1-1-1Beast. By Nick Warburton. Somewhere near a small fishing village, a creature is pulled out of the sea. Two of the villagers must make a decision which seems certain to change their lives.

Blade Of The Poisoner-1-1-1Blade Of The Poisoner. Twelve-year-old Jarral and three friends with strong psychic talents fight the evil of Prince Mephtik the Poisoner, who serves the Demon-Driver.

Donna and the Debonair.-1-1-1Donna and the Debonair Diner. By Cathy Feeny. A sparky 16-year-old waitress and a jaded restaurant critic unwittingly transform each other’s eating habits, thus changing the course of both their lives.

McNaughton-1-1-1McNaughton. By Steve Gooch. Based on a true story that made legal history in 1843, when someone was found not guilty by reasons of insanity. In the cells beneath the Old Bailey, Daniel McNaughton, a humble wood-turner, awaits the verdict at the end of his trial for the murder of the Prime Minister’s secretary.

Every Book In The World-1-1-1Every Book In The World. By Nick Warburton. Victorian bibliomaniac, Sir Thomas Phillipps aimed to own a copy of every book in the world. But his mania came at a price.

Sand-1-1-1Sand. By Tilly Black. As tensions mount after President Nasser’s nationalisation of the Suez Canal in 1956, a ten-year-old’s holiday diary tells a poignant human story.

SilverPigs-1-1-1Falco. Series 1
The Silver Pigs is the first novel in the Lindsey Davis series and introduces the main characters as well as establishing relationships that continue and grow throughout the whole series.

Falco stumbles upon a conspiracy in the trading of silver ingots, but not before it claims the life of a young girl (Sosia Camillina) whom Falco meets and is smitten with. Hired by the young girl’s uncle, a senator, to find out who murdered her, and by the Roman Emperor Vespasian, to uncover the conspiracy. A briliant ancient yarn in a modern vein.

ShadowsInBronze-1-1-1Falco. Series 2
Shadows In Bronze. The story begins in Rome during late spring, AD 71. Marcus Didius Falco and a group of the Praetorian Guard under the captaincy of Julius Frontinus are disposing of a decomposing corpse. Secrecy is paramount because he was the victim of a discreet execution, having been guilty of treason against the Emperor. In his position as imperial agent, Falco is involved with the tidying of the The Silver Pigs conspiracy and the emptying of the traitor’s house. Lindsey Davis’ Roman sleuth Falco, finds corpse disposal and senator’s daughters trickier than expected.

VenusInCopper-1-1-1Falco. Series 3
Venus In Copper. The story begins in Rome during late spring, AD 71. Falco is in the Latumiae Prison, accused by Anacrites of having stolen imperial lead (Shadows in Bronze). Bailed out by his mother, Falco is heading across the city to visit Helena Justina when he is beaten up by his landlord’s bullyboys for defaulting on his rent. When he finally arrives at the senator’s house near the Capena Gate, he finds Helena in a reception room. Marcus decides to resume working as an independent, despite the fact that this means he is unlikely to be able to earn enough money to buy himself into a higher rank so that he can marry Helena.

IronHandOfMars-1-1-1Falco. Series 4.
In The Iron Hand of Mars. Falco is sent to Germania Liberi in the aftermath of a rebellion. He is dispatched by Vespasian to deliver a new standard, give a report on the Legio XIV Germania, and to discover what happened to their Legate. He also searches for the rebel leader Julius Civilis.

Poseidon'sGold-1-1-1Falco. Series 5
Poseidon’s Gold. Falco returns from a six month mission to Germania Liberia, only to become embroiled in the after-effects of a scam by his, now deceased, older brother, Festus. The story recounts shipping scams, crooked antiques auctions and hired thugs, all while Falco is trying to clear his family’s name and sort out his deceased brother Festus’ business dealings.

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