Collectors’ Collection

1540 edited files available for download = 46 days and 10 hours + of listening.

I have been fortunate enough to have been sent audio collections from contributors, some of which go back to the 1950s and one Saturday Night Theatre from 1946.

I have tried to sort through the collections, putting aside duplicates and checking the quality. But the sheer amount to get through would be a full-time job. So, rather than have them in my local folders collecting digital dust, I shall offer them, as was intended by the collectors, for you to listen to, albeit mostly unchecked. Most, if not all, have no additional information other than the year of broadcast, slot designation and title. I have added aliases for the collectors should you need to refer to a file in a particular collection.

Collections are, understandably, incomplete and if you can fill any gaps, please let me know and I will inform the original contributor. The quality of the older files is obviously not as we are now used to, however, if there are some really awful recordings, please let me know so I can add a warning. If you have a recording of higher quality, please let me know.

Collections will be added as often as I am able to and I will notify you by email and via the updates page.

Collections include Saturday Night Theatre, Monday Matinee, Radio Theatre, Curtain Up, Wednesday Matinee, Saturday Matinee, Afternoon Theatre, Mid-week Theatre, Afternoon Play, Classic Serial, Saturday Playhouse, Saturday Play, Sunday Playhouse, Friday Play, Monday Play, Play of the Week, Late Night Theatre, Just Before Midnight, Morning Story, Late Story, Short Story, Women’s Hour Drama, Theatre of the Air, Thirty-Minute Theatre, World Drama, World Play.

Some of the plays in the various collections may have been broadcasted more than once; I have included the repeats as I was given them. Plays may also be found in other areas of the B.A.D site.

Information on broadcasts can be found on the Radio Times listings if available. Copies of the Radio Times are being archived here.

• click view the PDF (opens in a new window)
• click on the PDF page.
• key ‘Ctrl+f’ and enter the title or writer/author that you are looking for.
• Press enter key. If available, you will be taken to the title or writer/author that you are looking for.
• to navigate by year, enter the year (+month + day).
• Press enter key. You will be taken to the titles beginning with that letter.
• If you are unable to find a title, let us know and we’ll see if someone in the community has it.

Last updated 2022 04 08